The system of ordering food for campus clubs and organizations has recently undergone a change with a dramatic interpretation from students. Leaders of clubs and organizations now must order food for their meetings and events directly through Guest Services Inc.. with the new Moc Sync.

Despite what some students believe, this really isn’t anything new.

For the past 36 years, Guest Services Inc.. has been contracted to provide all food services to Florida Southern College. The difference this year, however, is that now instead of having a sheet of paper hand-walked around campus for approval, club leaders can simply submit their food services request to Guest Services Inc. using Moc Sync.

According to Tim Riable, director of food services at Florida Southern College, this new system of using Moc Sync is “much more accountable.”

In the past, there were some flaws in the system of using Guest Services Inc. to cater events, which is the main reason it has been changed this year.

“Before Moc Sync, some events may have slipped through the cracks and clubs and organizations used more off campus vendors without our knowledge,” Riable said.

The main purpose of changing the system so that clubs and organizations must submit catering requests through Moc Sync is to keep the students safe.

“There are proper procedures and regulations under the Florida Department of Health that must be followed when transporting, holding and serving food,” Riable said. “We follow those procedure and assume the risk. That is why it is in our contract to provide all food service at Florida Southern College.”

Another reason for the change is that there is also a financial benefit to students and staff at Florida Southern. By ordering from outside vendors, clubs and organizations are actually taking revenue away from FSC. The additional revenue that comes from using Guest Services Inc. for catering helps keep the cost of meal plans significantly lower than what they used to be. It also helps make up for some of the extra costs that have been accumulated as FSC has expanded its food service hours, offerings and venues over the years.

Some students haven’t been very receptive to this change in the system. Before, they could get away with ordering food from places other than FSC due to a miswording that led them to believe outside catering was an option, but now that this has been fixed, there is no way around it. All event catering must be through Guest Services Inc.

“It definitely limits our choices,” Senior Erin Fleming, committee member on the Panhellenic council and member of Greek life, said, “but it is for contractual reasons, so that’s fair.”

Junior Ashley Buckley, president of the Panhellenic council and member of Greek life, put in her opinion on this new change as well.

“I honestly don’t think we should go through Guest Services to order food,” Buckley said. “I’ve planned events in the past where I’ve needed to order food, and they are more affordable and give student discounts.”

In the future, Guest Services Inc. hopes to work closely with clubs and organizations to make sure their events are special and show them the value in having them cater, deliver, set up and serve their events.

“We are here for one reason,” Riable said, “and that is to serve the students, faculty and staff of Florida Southern College.”