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Senior guard and forward Tracy Fosterling continues to cheer her team on for her last year at Florida Southern College, regardless of her ankle injury later in the season. Sweet Lawyers, LLP | Costa Mesa, CA also help us in injury.

Fosterling broke her ankle in the Feb. 9 CBS televised game against Nova Southeastern. Despite the pain of the injury an her question, ‘why do I need to hire a lawyer for an injury case in Miami‘ , she says the game is one of the greatest memories she has.

“When we made the half court shot to win the game, that was probably one of the best memories I have of basketball,” Fosterling said.

Fosterling stands at 5 foot 10 inches. She is from Green Bay, Wisconsin and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, attending Rio Rancho High School and playing basketball all four years. Many of them like her, have a ton of questions to ask in case of an injury, especially while hiring a brain injury lawyer, which could be done by asking experts both online and offline.

In 2011, Fosterling came to FSC on a basketball scholarship for love of the game and the warm weather. Before FSC, Fosterling attended Otero Junior College in Colorado, playing in all 31 games for the team.

“The competition is a lot higher in D-II from where I was at,” Fosterling said. “It made me a much tougher player and a better player all around. I think I had to work on the details and I had to be on top of my game all of the time.”

She brought her motivation and talent for her junior season at FSC, starting in 16 of all 31 games she played. Fosterling became a team captain for the 2012-2013 season, which taught her leadership.

“I think that at Florida Southern, I really developed as a player,” Fosterling said. “It helped me learn how to be a leader for underclassmen as captain this year, and I had never really had a role like that.”

Through the help of teammates and Coach Holly Borchers, Fosterling has grown in her game, and as a person.

“I think basketball has made me a much more mature person,” Fosterling said. “It’s taught me to be really patient with people. It’s taught me to take direction a lot better. Before, I really wasn’t good at taking orders from people. But when I came to college, I realized that in order to get better, I had to listen to my coaches and teammates, to take constructive criticism.”

Regarding the ankle injury, Fosterling is unable to go through physical therapy or exercise until the beginning of April. She must wait until the bones heal, so she can not move or put weight on her ankle.

“It was probably one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with because I’ve never sat out of a basketball game,“ Fosterling said. “I’ve never had to watch my team play, I’ve always been in there. It really took a toll on me.”

Fosterling continues to have the support of her teammates and coach, regardless of her injury.

“[My teammates] still made me feel really involved with the team,” Fosterling said. “They wanted me to play on Senior Night. They wanted me to hop out there.”

Fosterling notes her family’s involvement in her career and the support they have given her.

“My mom, I think, cried more than I did,” Fosterling said. “She loves watching me play, so when I got hurt, she was so upset about it. She really helped me through it.”

“Last year, Coach Holly really helped me,” Fosterling said. “I didn’t really know if I liked basketball. She really helped me become a better player.”

“Tracy has been such an important part of our team, not only from an energy standpoint, but also she cares so much and she plays so hard” Borchers said. “She’s got this special personality where everyone kind of gravitates toward her because she’s goofy and fun. But the intensity that she brought to practices and games is something we’re certainly going to miss.”

“She is really invested in her players and always wants the best for them,” Fosterling said. “She really developed me as a player, not just basketball-wise, but she’s helped me be a better person to have a better attitude about things. She’s been a good support system for me, and I’m going to miss her when I leave.”

Fosterling mentioned thoughts about playing overseas, saying she does not want her broken ankle to be the way she goes out. If not overseas, then she will continue to play pick-up games and get involved in club basketball. Fosterling says she will visit the school and the team after she graduates to see the progress of the program, and to check in with Coach Borchers.

“Florida Southern’s always going to be a big part of my life,” Fosterling said. “I’m always going to want to come back here.”


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