Sun ‘n Fun runs from April 1 to April 6 on Medulla Rd in Lakeland and this year Florida Southern College’s Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) will be there as well.

Sun ‘n Fun is about preserving future flight through events that inspire and educate people of all ages, according to the Sun ‘n Fun website.

Activities for this weekend consist of a hot air balloon launch, car and motorcycle show, workshops and the main event is the U.S. Navy Blue Angels performance. Tickets cost $37 to attend.

The Navy Blue Angels is the United States Navy flight demonstration squadron.

Florida Southern College has the opportunity of one of their very own organizations volunteering at this event. FPRA will be volunteering at the event this weekend handing out press credentials.

President of FPRA, Reuben Warrior, is looking forward to the Sun ‘n Fun event because he will have the opportunity to meet many people.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting people from around the world, different agencies, how the interact… I think that will be pretty interesting,” Warrior said.

FPRA started last year. Their purpose is to create a networking organization outside of school.

FPRA at FSC started last year by hosting events for continuing education for the Dick Pope chapter in Polk County.

They created flyers, banners, etc. Currently, they are working on public relations for Warrior Walk. FPRA is creating a website, flyers, etc. for the Warrior Walk.

The Warrior Walk is not the same as Wounded Warriors. However, the aim of the organization is also to benefit veterans.

If Warrior could summarize FPRA, he would describe it as “interesting” and “we’re on the move.”

Sun’n Fun is said to be fun for the whole family, according to their website, and all ages will find an interest at this event.

If you want to spend less for come at 4:30 p.m. or later and you will only have to pay $10.

There is a parking fee as well. General parking is $10.