Franchise to come to Southern?

Steak and Shake rumors spark interest


Hannah Kiester

Students at Florida Southern have long been passionate about the available food choices on campus, and SGA’s Food Committee has been working to bring new additions to the table.

“We know how important food services are on our campus, and we want the students to have a voice with what is served across our campus’s dining facilities,” SGA head of the Student Life Committee Max Giard said.

The Student Life Committee oversees the Food Committee, which has been around for several years. Students can voice their opinions about the food services at Florida Southern and the committee works with head of food services Tim Raible to have those problems solved.

 One of the largest concerns in the past for food services on campus has been the availability of healthy food options, but now, the newest project is dealing with a franchise opening a location on campus.

There have been rumors of a Chick Fil A opening on campus, but in reality, the option is not very likely. 

“A big thing that stops big franchises like Chick-Fil-A is the lack of numbers at FSC,” Giard said. “It just isn’t worth it for them.”

In the past, Florida Southern has been the one to approach franchises regarding the possibility of installing a franchise on campus, but the latest possibility reached out to FSC first.

The last FSC Town Hall introduced students to the possibility of installing a Steak and Shake on campus. Currently, the most likely location for the Steak and Shake would be where the undercaf is currently located, which would move the undercaf to another location. 

“The fact that Steak and Shake initiated the talks with FSC is huge,” Giard said.

Right now, the details of how the installation would work and be integrated into campus life are still under discussion. The Food Committee and FSC Food Services are hopeful that an agreement with Steak and Shake will be reached soon.

Students who want more information on the possibility of Steak and Shake or have their own opinions to share with the Food Committee can contact their senator. Each class has its own representative senator who can bring their concerns to the food committee. Students can also address the committee itself through representatives like Giard or at events such at Town Hall, President’s Circle, and Student Government Senate.

“It’s always good to hear positive feedback too,” Giard said.

Information on Town Hall meeting dates, SGA executive board contact info, and the SGA email and phone numbers can be found on Engage in the Student Government Portal. .


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