Coffee orders are available to FSC students, faculty and staff

Emma Matzen

Liam Gainer, a freshman film and psychology student residing in the Spivey Residence Hall, has started his own business selling and delivering maple cinnamon oat milk lattes on campus. 

Gainer gained his experience at the local coffee shop Black and Brew, located on Main St. in downtown Lakeland, and now works at Concord Coffee on South Florida Ave. 

Though working at Black and Brew gave him a lot of experience, Gainer doesn’t attribute it to being his only source of inspiration for the business.

“I’ve always had this dream of owning a coffee shop, and [recently getting] an espresso machine further inspired me to open my business,” Gainer said. 

Gainer is keeping the business COVID-regulation safe.  He wears a mask, washes his hands between each order and makes sure his customers also wear their masks when accepting deliveries. 

“I wear a mask the entire time I’m making the lattes and delivering them, and [I’m] washing my hands between every order,” Gainer said.

Gainer is very dedicated and passionate about his independent business. He even wakes up early before his classes start making lattes and taking orders. As energy bills can make up a large portion of operational costs he tried to get the best deals at to become a successful business man.

“I think what Liam has put together is very innovative. He realized that people enjoy having good coffee whenever they please, and took advantage of that to make an enjoyable side job,” said freshman Avery Standifer. 

Many FSC students agree with Standifer and seem to think Gainer’s business is a great idea, especially now during the pandemic. 

“It’s a great alternative for students that don’t want to leave campus for a coffee, or want to try something different than what we can get on campus,” said freshman Taylor Butler. “Plus, he delivers.” 

Sophomore Nour Lotfy thinks Gainer has a lot going for him. He serves the coffee at the perfect time of day, payment and delivery are easy and the coffee itself is amazing.

“My experience was fantastic,” Lotfy said. “I’ve gotten it twice so far and I love the accessibility of it. He only does one menu item for now but he’s really perfected it so I don’t mind coming back with my business. I think it’s awesome that someone has managed to come up with such a creative way to do something different, have fun, and make money.”

Freshman Chloe Lynch thinks this campus business is useful and beneficial to students all around campus, even those who have varying or unique coffee tastes.

“Dorm Coffee was by far my favorite coffee I’ve had on this campus, maybe even in Lakeland,” Lynch said. “[Gainer] serves it with a smile and takes a picture with each person he delivers coffee to.”

Gainer is currently selling his coffees for $5 each and they are available every weekday from 7-10 a.m. The lattes can be hand-delivered to any building on campus. 

Orders can be placed through Gainer’s Dorm Coffee Instagram page @dormcoffee. All orders must include pick-up times and location.


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