Photo by: Jameson Champion. The J. Carlisle Rogers Building, Home of the FSC Career Center.

Jameson Champion

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Careers and Continuing Education has remained dedicated to helping students prepare for upcoming internships and their career after college.

“It’s been a rather adventurous time in higher education,” said Christina Inglassia, Director of Career Development at Florida Southern College. “We like to listen to the needs of our students. When the virus first hit we moved everything virtual to help students have easy access to us. We decided in the fall semester to keep this format so anyone, whether they are on campus, commuting, or staying at home can use our services.”

The Career Center helps develop skills such as networking, building resumes and cover letters, and  getting jobs and internships. These are all offered in ways such as Webinars, workshops, and one-on-one career counseling that not only help FSC students now, but in their future careers as well.

“I always encourage students to think of [the Career Center] as your personal business coach.” Inglassia said. “It’s good to have a business coach that knows you and your specific goals, and is working with you to help you achieve those goals.”

To help with internships, the Office of Careers and Continuing Education has also partnered with Handshake, sending students emails about various internship opportunities for students to take.

The Career Center works diligently to hold many events and help students develop necessary skills for finding careers. In September, an e-sports themed panel was hosted featuring panelists from across the industry, and in October the Career Center hosted an event entitled ‘Building Your Network Before You Need It’, featuring panelists such as Aprille Trupiano, a Peace Ambassador for the United Nations.

“Our events serve as better ways to get in contact with Career Center staff,” Inglassia said.  “We serve students as a comprehensive package to help success in the short term and over your lifetime.”

The webinars and workshops offered are useful in helping students develop skills such as interviewing, resume building, and networking. 

Inglassia notes that students at FSC have been quite dedicated to attending these events. 22 FSC students attended the September e-sports webinar. 

“I’ve contacted other people in my field and they usually have a turnout of closer to four. That speaks highly to our students at FSC,” Inglassia said.

The Career Center is also beginning to offer resources through students’ Canvas profiles. Through Canvas they offer easily accessible resources on many topics like writing a professional email, creating a cover letter and other professional skills.

“The best way to reach us is through our instagram @fsc.cce,” Inglassia said. “[We’re] always posting information about upcoming events.”


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