By Ashley Augusty, Staff Writer

Frank Lloyd Wright had a set dream to let natural light illuminate the campus’ architecture. The cuts in the overhang allow for students to constantly feel the warmth of the sun as they travel their way to classes. The campus has such a large amount of open space and area to be able to enjoy the beauty of the campus.

Although the campus was voted #1 most beautiful campus in Florida (2012-2013), the lighting is becoming an alarming issue on campus. During the day, Florida Southern is so gorgeous to look at, but at night the campus can be a little scary.

There are lights in the structures around campus but there are not a lot. Walking from Brandscomb to Dell can be the scariest five minutes of someone’s life.  There are light posts around campus, but they are very limited. Most of them are dimly lit, and some of them are even broken. The campus has a large amount of dark spots in common areas of walking.

“The walkway between the art room to the Polk Science building is the darkest place. It leaves everyone vulnerable to possibly being attacked,” Jamileh Chemaissem said.

Having better lighting around the school would be extremely appreciated. Although I feel the campus is remotely safe, no one knows what can happen. Not only can you possibly be scared of a person attacking, the possums can too! Its hard to see the little guys, and when they pop out of bushes, you can’t help but almost have a heart attack.

Some possible solutions would be to replace the lights ever so often, to keep the lights from going dim. Also adding a small flashlight to our safety call button could be reliable.

Overall, the campus is still beautiful and it’s a great place to live. Lighting is an issue that can be fixed at any moment. If you or someone you know feels afraid to walk back don’t be afraid to call up a friend. Walking back together can insure that everyone’s safe. Also staying on the phone until you get to your destination is a great idea too. Being safe is a top priority, and until the lighting situation improves, protecting yourself is always a great solution.