Ashley Buckley

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“It’s different here,” is a common phrase used to describe Greek life at Florida Southern College. According to some students, what truly makes FSC unique is the philanthropy aspect of Greek life.

There are 12 Greek chapters on campus that frequently donate to their organization’s charity. The chapters hold events and friendly competitions each year that all students participate in.

“I think doing the [philanthropy] events and doing it for a good cause is great,” freshman Joey Artega said.

Artega says he was not involved with community service before college, but ever since he joined his fraternity, it felt good to see that change.

“Philanthropy connects us as a Greek community and FSC community,” said sophomore, Gabrielle Rivard.

Rivard works hand in hand with her sorority’s philanthropy, Breast Cancer Awareness. With Breast Cancer Awareness, the sorority works with Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure, to raise money and awareness for the cure of breast cancer.

Rivard says that with philanthropy there is definitely satisfaction of knowing you are helping someone other than yourself in your community.

“You learn how to serve other people and do something outside of yourself, which is something you have to continue to do. You have to learn how to go out and serve others,” Rivard said.

Rivard also believes that even though FSC on the small scale of colleges, the value of philanthropy is much more meaningful than it would be at a large college.

“In every Greek organization there is a very big heart for each of our philanthropies. More than you would find at a major university,” said junior Wes Davis.

Davis and Rivard are among some students that believe bigger schools focus on the money instead of raising awareness for the cause.

“At bigger schools, it’s more of who can raise the most money,” Rivard said.

Davis agreed with this statement, and added that most of the larger schools usually just give a check and donate to the cause.

“Our drive internally to help our philanthropies sets FSC apart from other universities,” Davis said, “We don’t have to put a lot of emphasis on how great philanthropy is at Florida Southern, it’s just a known fact.”

Davis is affiliated with a fraternity whose philanthropy is centered toward feeding those in need. The fraternity works hands on with local Polk County families.

“We have the ability to hear what it means to receive food and how much it helps them and benefits them. It is just one of the most rewarding experiences I could probably ever have,” Davis said.

Each Greek chapter focuses on a specific National philanthropy and also a local philanthropy. This helps students stay connected to a cause bigger than themselves and assists in getting to know the surrounding community.

“If you’re organizing the [philanthropy] events, the connections you make in the community or networking is just really good life skills to have,” sophomore, Kerrie Spiller said.



 Featured image by Dion Spires