Diego De Jesus

Both hockey games that were scheduled for the weekend of April 9, were canceled two hours before the first game. 

The Florida Southern Moccasins and the Florida State University Seminoles were set to face off, but the matches were cancelled due to COVID-19 exposure. 

This isn’t the first time hockey games have been canceled due to COVID-19, as more games were planned earlier in the season. 

“We had more planned for earlier this season but they all got canceled because of COVID,” freshman Montana Gordon said.

Montana Gordon plays as a winger on the team and explained why this weekend’s games were canceled. 

“Someone on our team tested positive, and because we had practice on Thursday and he was there, we all got contact traced, and we wouldn’t have had enough players to play in the game,” Gordon said. 

Most of the FSC hockey team members were contact-traced, except for four players due to their absence at practice on Thursday. All contact-traced players were quarantined. 

Both games were heavily anticipated with an expectation of 500 to 600 people at the minimum according to Gordon. 

Gordon said their team’s coach was planning for another game later on in the season after quarantine. 

Scottie Huger, a manager for the FSC hockey team, was quarantined through contact tracing as well. 

“Our coach is working on getting another game scheduled,” Huger said. 

At the moment, the hockey team does not have another scheduled game, but further details on future games will come out after the team ends its quarantine. 


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