Audra Dick, Staff Writer

The tenth annual Child of the Sun Forensics Competition, hosted at Florida Southern college was attended by nine schools.

The event started on Nov. 6 and ended on Saturday afternoon with an awards reception that included hors d’oeuvres and trophies.

Madison Campbell, one of FSC’s own team members, placed fourth in the competition and received a trophy for her speech. It was her first time ever placing in a forensics competition.

“It’s great that what I’m saying is impactful enough to receive an award,” Campbell said. “Genocide is interesting to me and civil rights are important to me so I get to talk about what I am passionate about and hopefully I could make a difference someday.”

The team captain of FSC’s Forensic team, Bradley Denault, said he was very excited to see where this puts the team.

“You need to place three times in the top six or seven, and if you do that thrice – one, two, three – you’re definitely qualified for Nationals,” Denault said. “Right now, we have Madison Campbell at one. So if either of them place two more times in future tournaments, then they’ll definitely qualify for Nationals.”

Campbell said that one of her favorite parts of the competition was meeting others with different ideas and hearing others speak at the competition.

“We made new friends and reconnected with people from other competitions,” Campbell said. “It was great being surrounded with other intelligent minds while sharing our thoughts and ideas and at the same time, being able to step out of the competitive feel and enjoy each other’s company.”

Denault agreed with Campbell on meeting others and hearing everyone speak their different opinions.

“Getting to see different view points even if I may or may not agree with them and seeing different people preform and excel is really heartwarming to me,” Denault said. “It’s very eye-opening in the sense that, wow, there’s a lot more people in this world with a lot more viewpoints than just mine. So, I guess, getting to know more people is what I’ve loved about being captain.”