Men’s cross country won the Regional Championship, the first time that the team has won since 2007.

“Winning Regionals feels incredible. Our goal was to win conference and Regionals and that’s exactly what we did. It’s an amazing feeling,” senior David Tomchinsky said.

The team’s win during the competition was based on a plan.

“Our race plan was to put as many runners as we could in the top 25,” Tomchinksky said. “We worked together and made sure everyone did what they needed to do, we ended up having five runners place in the top 20 and that gave us the win.”

Only the top three teams qualify for nationals. Since they won, they will travel to Washington to compete for the national title.

“This is first time the team has qualified for nationals since 2010,” Tomchinsky said.

According to Tomchinsky, the team is qualified as top 25 in the nation.

“Winning Nationals is something very out of reach. We work hard to qualify for nationals and finish as high as possible. Our goal this year is to finish in the top 15, however we are extremely happy to just be in the race,” Tomchinsky said.

For Nationals, the men’s cross country team will face weather challenges.

“The course will most likely be covered in snow, and many of our younger runners have never even seen snow,” Tomchinsky said.

There are other concerns besides the weather. The competition will be fierce in Washington.

“Besides the weather, we are facing the best teams in the nation so we are going to run to the best of our ability and try to take down as many teams as possible,” Tomchinsky said.





Photo courtesy of David Tomchinsky