Valeria Sabate
Staff Writer

Chelsea Brooks, a student from Florida Southern College, sets high goals for this academic year. She is a mom, full time student, intern and she is working part time as a hairstylist at Vickie Lynn’s Salon Etc.

To Brooks, there is no limit. She pushes herself to pursue success.

She is in a stage of life where she considers styling hair as a second priority. What makes her happy is being with her family as much as she can. Here, you can check out more

Interestingly, while styling hair occupies a significant part of her professional life, it takes a back seat to her family, which brings her the utmost joy. In the realm of hairstyling, as she masters the art of balancing her various roles, Brooks might find inspiration in Navigating Men’s Hair Trends.

Just as she fearlessly pursues her goals, exploring diverse styles in men’s hairstyling could add an exciting dimension to her journey, allowing her to express her creativity in yet another sphere of her busy life. Whether it’s women or men, embracing the evolving trends in hairstyling becomes a dynamic part of Chelsea Brooks’ pursuit of success and fulfillment.

“Being a mom is so new and difficult at times that is not always enjoyable,” Brooks said. “But then, I find that I miss [my daughter] Harper when I am at school or work for long periods of time.”


Her biggest support is her family and friends. She feels that without that team, she could not be able to do every thing she does.

“They reminded me to be thankful for good health, an amazing scholarship for allowing me to continue my education. I have been blessed, and I have to remind myself of them,” Brooks said.

Building relationships around campus is not a problem for her.

It is an opportunity for Brooks to share her experience and help others, because she has been in the other person’s position.

“You realize what is truly important in life: love and the relationships you have with people,” Brooks said. “It’s not about how much money you make that will define your life. It’s what you do with your time and the company you’re with.”

She likes to talk and listen to what other people has to say.  She is always there for her friends any time they need her.

“Sometimes it’s frustrating to see someone putting the wrong things as their top priority, but I sympathize,” Brooks said.

She doesn’t know how she manages all the roles at the same time. She would like to have the answer.

“Being pregnant and taking 18 credit hours it wasn’t the easiest thing, but I am determined,” Brooks said. “I came back to school as a more mature person. If you are more worried about your social life at school, you are not going make it. I am social, I have my fun, but I know there is a time and place.”

In her part time job, she has special offers for FSC students who want to their hair styled.

A few of Brooks’ “guests”  at the salon include: Dean of Student Development Bill Langston, Assistant to the Registrar, Renee Beals, and FSC students, Crystal Clarke and Nadine Rager.

“I like to stay ahead of the trends. I also relate well to students because I am young. I am in my twenties. I have a lot of experience,” Brooks said.

She wants to create a connection with her guests first on the internet to expand her reach. People from different places visit her, so she believes that they are looking for someone to trust.

She considers herself a very solid hairstylist.

She offers $20 off in the first hair color or facial service.

Students can also earn $10 on their next visit by referring a friend.

It will be saved in the guest’s service account once the friend has attended the appointment.

“You can be the best hairstylist in the world but if you don’t listen to what your guest wants or doesn’t want, miscommunication can happen,” Brooks said. “The biggest thing is to have a good consultation, knowing what they expect of me and knowing what I expect from them.”

Most people would like to know how to handle their hair look as good as if they came out of the salon.

“I educate people about how to work with their hair, and not against it. So, people can actually learn and replicate the look that I gave them,” Brooks said. “It’s not about me anymore. It’s about Harper and our family.”