Photo by Emily Fournier

Emily Fournier

On Feb. 12 a group of Florida Southern students saw a rendition of the “Three Musketeers” at the Orlando Shakespeare theater through the Discover Florida program. 

The theater describes the show as “a story of double crossing, kidnappings, and carefully guarded secrets, complete with lavish sword fights and sweeping romance,” and they did not disappoint.  

While the bus ride over, which was free with sign up, was quiet as everyone waited in anticipation to make it to the theater, the performance was boisterous and captivating. The sword fights and lavish costumes were close enough to touch, as Discover Florida was able to obtain seats positioned behind a balcony. At times, the actors would run across, as their characters fought over diamonds or were chased by thieves. 

“I’ve been here three or four times, and I’ve always enjoyed it,” sophomore Jollice Boyd said. “The sets and choreography was amazing, and I really enjoyed it.”

The theater, also known as the Orlando Shakes, is known for its performances of William Shakespeare’s classic plays. However, Shakespeare is not the only playwright whose works they put on. The “Three Musketeers,” for instance, is adapted from a novel written by Alexandre Dumas.

Discover Florida continuously takes full advantage of the Orlando Shakes’ shows. Usually in conjunction with the English department, it has gone to see such Shakespeare performances as “Twelfth Night,” “Hamlet” and “Love’s Labour’s Lost.” Every show is free for Florida Southern students who sign up and includes transportation to and from the theater. 

“I love that the school offers free trips to see plays,”  junior Tia Amos said. “This theater always has good acting and strong performances.”

With Discover Florida giving students a chance to attend shows such as these, at little to zero cost, it is surprising that more students do not take advantage of this service. 

Seeing shows such as the “Three Musketeers” allows students to experience literary history in a fun and entertaining way. 

Hopefully Florida Southern will continue this tradition of seeing more performances at the Orlando Shakes.  

If you do not want to miss out on the daring adventure, The “Three Musketeers” will run at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater until March 22. 


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