Hayley Metzler

Staff Writer

The Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center is a place where students at Florida Southern College can come together to be physically fit for the new year.

Almost all college campuses offer some sort of fitness center for students, and FSC is no exception. The wellness center here at FSC is a bit smaller, providing a more intimate workout setting for students, as opposed to the overwhelmingly large fitness centers at other, bigger universities.

The wellness center offers numerous physical activities for students to partake in.

“The wellness center offers a different variety of kind of whatever you need,” Alicia Rossow, assistant director of wellness, said.

These different activities include an intramural sports program that has 25 different intramural sports throughout the year, a waterfront program that is open seven days a week, group exercise classes, the pool and the fitness room, which offers cardio equipment as well as free weight machines.

“The majority of the time the pool is being used by our swim team,” Rossow said, “but we also do have open recreational swims, lap swimming, we do an inner-tube waterpolo tournament in there, and of course, there are all the students who just want to lay out by the pool.”

Besides the pool, one of the most popular features of the wellness center is probably the group exercise classes. There are usually about 10-20 workout classes offered a week, depending on the semester. The main ones that are offered are cycling, zumba, ab attack, boot camp and yoga.

“The most popular group exercise class we have would probably be a toss-up between ab attack and zumba,” Rossow said.

Some students enjoy taking advantage of the variety.

“I utilize a bunch of the group exercise classes,” junior Nicole Gallinaro said. “My favorite one would have to be boot camp because you get everything into one workout.”

There is no doubt that the Nina B. Hollis Wellness Center is beneficial to many students.

“We’ve reached over 70 percent of the campus in some capacity,” Rossow said.

The wellness center provides students the chance to escape from the every day stress of school and their social lives.


Photo by Hayley Metzler