Photo courtesy of Gianna Delmonte

Abby McHenry

Sophomore Gianna Delmonte loves going to the gym as a nice break during her busy day and wants to help others meet their fitness goals as well.

Delmonte first became interested in going to the gym her sophomore year of high school. She loved working out and was interested in nutrition but was nervous about going to the gym.

“I had a lot of gym anxiety that I didn’t get over for I think two years,” Delmonte said. “I started seriously working out and going to the gym my senior year of high school, and I only really got into it because I had a friend who went with me.”   

Delmonte said having another person whether it be a friend, personal trainer, etc. there can make you feel more comfortable being at the gym, even if neither of you know what you’re doing. She said it is helpful to have a personal trainer to help inform you about different gym equipment and can help structure a workout to each individual’s needs. It helps to have a trainer, according to Delmonte, because you immediately are going in the right direction versus having to figure it out on your own over time.

Delmonte is a personal trainer at the Hollis Wellness Center and said she is hoping to teach a small group training class the second half of this semester and one in the spring as well.

“I love helping new people get into the gym, and I love helping them meet their goals and working on programs for other people [and] not just myself,” Delmonte said.

She is awaiting approval from the HWC for her class the second half of the semester, which is going to be a military style training class titled “Boot and Rally.” She is planning for the class to be every Monday and Friday in the evening. Delmonte plans for her spring class to be Disney inspired.

For a while, Delmonte considered leg day her favorite day at the gym, but she said she is now liking arm day a little more. She said she got sick of doing leg day three times a week and while she is still doing it twice a week, is currently putting more energy into arm day. She also does field workouts and co-teaches “Strength Gains and Grass Stains” with Regina Sandberg. 

“Going to the gym is a one hour therapy session for me,” Delmonte said. “It’s a huge stress reliever, it makes me feel so good afterwards, I feel like I have a better day after, I can sleep after, [and] I’m more focused.”


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