Graduating senior to work at Disney


Victoria Salvatore

As graduation approaches most seniors are searching for jobs or stressing about their future but for senior Nicki Lenkel, she already knows her next step.

After graduation, Lenkel will be working at Walt Disney World as a Travel Operations Quality Assurance Intern.

“Basically I would be examining any complaints by guests about their experience with Disney reservation center, making sure that everything is up to the quality that it’s supposed to be,” Lenkel said.

Lenkel said the fact that she has a job lined up after graduation has taken a lot of stress off of her especially as she sees a lot of her friends continuing to apply for jobs. 

“I never really assumed I would have my life together in any aspect so when I got this job offer I was like, wait me?” Lenkel said. “Now I just have to focus on my classes.”

Lenkel worked at Disney last summer as a cast member which led her to search for a job that was more than just an hourly paid employee and more of a career. Because she worked at Disney previously she had exclusive access to certain job opportunities. 

Lenkel found multiple internships, applied for some, and eventually got a phone interview for the Travel Operations Quality Assurance Intern. 

Lenkel said she’s most excited to get more experience with Disney because it’s so huge and it will open a lot of doors for her.

Even though the internship will only last up to a year Lenkel feels that there’s a lot of room to grow because Disney is such a large company.

Though Lenkel is happy about her future job at Disney she’s open to moving around to other companies once her internship is over.

“This job isn’t technically in my field, it’s in communications but I’m also polly sci so that’s what I assumed I would be doing before I got this job,” Lenkel said. “I’m not really sure what my goal is but I look forward to experiencing it (the internship).”

Lenkel said she won’t start until June which gives her a lot of time to relax and she plans to travel to California.


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