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Abby McHenry

Drugstore makeup is often criticized for being poor in quality compared to similar high end brands. This is not always the case. There are numerous drug store makeup products that can be trusted. Here are some of my favorite drugstore makeup products.

Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation is a fan favorite, and it is known and praised for its wide range of shades. This foundation comes in “matte” (for oily skin) and “dewey” (for dry skin). The foundation does not feel like an extra layer like some cheaper foundations can. To hide those wrinkles, breaks and signs of ageing you can see this article as it is explained here as to what must be done.

Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer is equally as good as the foundation, coming in a wide range of shades as well.

Airspun setting powder is translucent (clear, does not match to certain skin colors), and it has never given me flashback (when you can see the powder on your face and not your foundation color in photos-shout out to NYX’s setting powder for ruining my Baccalaureate photos). When it comes to simple and yet great quality beauty products, no one knows better than Ella and Jo as they have the best products and these products are cruelty free and vegan too.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer has a creamy, soft texture and gives a luminous glow. The bronzer comes in lighter and darker shades.

Wet n Wild’s Megaglo Highlighting Powder comes in seven different colors. The powder stays on well, and the product, like majority of Wet n Wild’s products, are inexpensive compared to most drug store brands but have plenty of high-quality products. Some prefer to read about up-to-date ultherapy techniques and maybe opt for it as well.

If you are looking for a quality nude color palette, E.L.F.’s “Need it Nude” includes tans, browns, golds and pinks. The eyeshadow is very pigmented and long lasting.

I know that people use different kinds of eyeliner, so I found a good cream and liquid one (sorry to all my people who use pencil). First of all, a lot of the stuff on this list is okay to splurge, on but do not spend $20 on eyeliner. I have used a high-end eyeliner and a cheaper one, and honestly there is no difference. L’Oreal’s Artist Liquid Eyeliner is easy to apply and lasts all day. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips eyeliner comes in sets of three colors for different eye colors.

Mascara is another beauty product that you do not need to spend extra cash on. L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise gives excellent volume and length. It has been compared to Too Faced’s best selling mascara ($23). I think that Voluminous Lash Paradise stays on better and gives more volume.

NYX sells a nice matte liquid lipstick and butter lip gloss. The matte lipstick is long lasting and the butter gloss is smooth and has a vanilla scent.

Any and all of E.L.F.’s brushes have soft bristles and are high quality. Brushes are another item that you do not need to buy high end.

Make sure to invest in skin care products as well, and try to use makeup sparingly. Wearing makeup too often can clog your pores. Let your skin breathe. Wash your face well after wearing makeup and use makeup remover.

Equate makeup remover, whether it is liquid or wipes, is way cheaper than getting name brands such as Neutrogena. There is no difference between the two.


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