Photo by Mariah Nichols

Mariah Nichols 

Honeycomb Bread Bakery is now open Inside Twenty Seven paper goods shop and is filled with fresh pastries and bread being made. The historic Studebaker building on Bay Street was a place Benjamin Vickers, founder and executive baker, could call home for his new venture.

“You can thank Jenna O’ Brien of Twenty Seven Paper Goods for Honeycomb coming to Downtown Lakeland,” Vickers said. “Without her invitation to open Honeycomb inside her shop, we never would have had the resources or venue needed to build a brick-and-mortar bakery.” 

Those who are familiar with Honeycomb from the farmer’s market can now experience more variety on the bakery’s menu. Vickers said Honeycomb is the first place in Lakeland where you can find locally roasted craft coffee from all three local roasters: Concord, Ethos, and Patriot. We are incredibly proud of our selection of fine teas, courtesy of Harney & Son.

This new business launch is a result based off ideas of moments that inspired Vickers. It was his dream to turn those moments into something special that would make a difference for others and bring joy to the city.  

“Baking began as a hobby that unintentionally took over my entire life,” Vickers said. “We all have precious memories tied to bread or pastries. A grandmother’s buttermilk biscuits, a twilit Christmas Eve decorating Santa’s cookies. Those special mornings playing hooky from school, [or] enjoying a fresh warm cinnamon bun by the lake.”

The iconic gold bumble bee logo is significant to Vickers as it represents the standards that make his bakery unique. Honeycomb has whole loaves of rustic artisan breads, country sourdough, baguette, focaccia, rye, challah and bagels. When customers eat at Cob and Pen or Concord Coffee and many other locations here in Lakeland, they can experience Honeycomb’s items on the menu.

“Our wholesale network allows us to be a source of cohesion among the many restaurants and cafes in Polk County, and we are proud to feature products made by other bakers, coffee roasters, and tea purveyors in our store,” Vickers said. 

Vickers said he is looking forward to introducing some of the savory items on Honeycomb’s menu and a variety of other items including an autumn salad with mixed greens, pickled beets and red onion, roasted sweet potato, toasted walnuts, goat cheese and the Vickers Family secret salad dressing. 

With the soft opening on September 14, customers were able to try a full drink menu and a variety of roasted coffees and teas to choose from along with their baked goods. 

“We believe that the future of Lakeland is bright,” Vickers said. “It’s humbling for Honeycomb to be one star in that constellation.”



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