Emma Tallon

Each year, Florida Southern holds multiple Scholars Weekends, an event which gives current students the unique opportunity to host prospective students and share all that Florida Southern has to offer. During this two-day event, accepted students have the chance to explore the campus and stay overnight in a dorm with a current student as their host. 

Part of what makes Scholars Weekend special is the many current students that volunteer their time to host prospective students. It is a great opportunity for hosts to show what they enjoy the most about Florida Southern and show a prospective student how to get involved in the many clubs and organizations offered. 

A host can bring the scholar to the many events offered on campus during the evening, as well as introduce them to other students with similar interests. Courtney Currier, who hosted a scholar during the January weekend, said her favorite part was sharing how much she loves FSC and answering all the questions prospective students have.

Sophomore Cameron Webb hosted scholars last year and he is now Scholars Weekend Leader.

“As a Scholar’s Weekend host you can influence a prospective student’s decision to attend (Florida Southern),” Webb said. “Overall it’s a great experience for the host and the scholar.”

Attending Scholars Weekend has been an important factor in many student’s decision to attend Florida Southern. In fact, above 50 percent of the current student body attended Scholars Weekend according to Webb. Many students credit their Scholars Weekend host as the reason they choose to come to Florida Southern and decided to host a scholar as well. 

The unique perspective that current students can offer a college-bound high school senior is incomparable. Being a host for Scholars Weekend helps many current students connect with incoming freshman.

Freshman Lexi Roberts hosted a scholar during the January Scholars Weekend and recommended hosting a scholar to others.

 “…it gives you a chance to meet new people and if they do decide to pick FSC, you might be the one that helped determine their decision,” Roberts said.

Scholars Weekend is an influential part of many students’ decisions to attend Florida Southern and would not be possible without current students as hosts. Hosting a scholar for Scholars Weekend not only gives prospective students an inside look into Florida Southern, but it gives current students the opportunity to connect with future Mocs.

Scholars Weekend was held on Jan. 25-26 and will be held on Feb. 15-16 and March 23. If you’re interested in hosting a scholar, contact Liz Green in Admissions.


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