Hulu steps up against competitors


Allison O’Connor

In the age of Netflix and HBO Go, many have forgotten about one of the few sites that has been around the block, Hulu.

Now, many look at Hulu as a waste of money, with their lack of up-to-date shows and smaller variety of movies.

However, what Hulu offers that many other viewing sites don’t is all the “older” shows many Millenials love.

This includes shows like “Full House,” “Boy Meets World,” and others that college kids and young adults loved while growing up.

Hulu also offers newer shows, such as “This is Us,” which streams on NBC, and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

What many people are unaware of is that Hulu comes free when upgrading to a Spotify premium account, which, for students, is only five dollars a month.

So, that means a music app with millions of songs and a Hulu account for $60 a year. It can’t get much better than that.

While Hulu does not have the number of beloved movies Netflix does, it does stream shows that are on NBC currently, like “This is Us” and “Rise,” the new show from the producers of “Friday Night Lights.”

Netflix has began changing its image, becoming its own content producer by releasing more and more “Netflix Originals,” such as “Ozark,” “Black Mirror,” and the popular “Stranger Things.”

Many love the Netflix originals but are sad to see other movies go, such as “White Chicks” and “The Santa Clause” movies.

However, Netflix has also released some of its original movies, like “You Got Me” and “The Do-Over.”

Many students still use Netflix over Hulu because they either use their parents’ accounts or borrow a friend’s, although that is technically “illegal” in the eyes of the company.

Many also don’t want to pay for both Netflix and Hulu.

If Hulu could get more movies on its site and boost the tie deal with Spotify, the streaming service would probably have twice the number of users it has now, especially with the “old” shows the company still has the rights to.

Although many argue that Hulu is not worth the money, plenty of people are paying at least $10 a month for Netflix or even $15 a month for HBO Go.

This compares to a regular subscription of Hulu, without the Spotify deal, being $7.99 a month.

Now, it is true that Hulu does not have everything that the other two sites have, but it is cheaper and has plenty of enjoyable shows for every age group.

With Hulu, viewers can also stream different television stations, like MSNCBC and ESPN, live to watch real time TV.

However, those come with different packages, so it may cost more than the regular monthly fee.

What it comes down to is the quality of the site, and Hulu has definitely proved in the last couple years that it is here to stay and not falling off the map any time soon.

Netflix and HBO Go should watch out for the new and updated site on the block.


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