Laura Grande

Hollywood’s latest blockbuster “Hustlers” had its national theatrical release on Sept. 13 after its worldwide premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival a few days prior. I remember seeing a poster for the film that listed the names of many famous actresses, including Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez. I recall being interested but unsure about the actual plot of the movie. 

When asked what she thought the film was about based on the trailer, junior Rachel Hagan echoed my thoughts.“It looks like it’s about some strippers who con men into giving them a bunch of money and then somehow end up in a scheme where they kill someone,” Hagan said. Although I had low expectations for the movie, we decided to go see it for fun after a long week of classes.

Once the film started, I quickly learned that “Hustlers” is much more than a light-hearted comedy about exotic dancers. Every aspect of the film was more complex than I expected from the plot line and acting to the cinematography and soundtrack. It is easy to understand why Lopez has been attracting Oscar buzz for her role as Ramona. 

During an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Lopez talked about her new film. 

“The movie has so many dynamics to it,” Lopez said. “I think people think ‘Oh it’s a stripper movie, it’s gonna be like this or like that,’ but it’s actually really surprising. It’s about friendship, it’s about greed, it’s about society, men and women making different choices and how they get treated for them.”       

The movie is inspired by a true story about a group of women who work as exotic dancers and how they have to adjust their tactics to continue to make money at the same rate as before the Stock Market Crash in 2008. Although there were many notable comedic moments, what really impressed me about “Hustlers” was the life lessons it highlights. It is easy to watch this movie and be shocked by the women’s decisions, but the film focuses on the idea that you never know what you would do for money when you have never been in a situation where it is your only option and you need to take care of your family. 

“I thought that ‘Hustlers’ was unexpectedly inspiring,” FSC junior Bevin Coburn said. “The main message I got was that you should not be quick to judge someone’s thought process based on stereotypes society has put in place and that anyone can be hypnotized by the idea of power and having power over someone else.”  

“Hustlers” is an entertaining movie with more substance than most would expect. From the film lover to the group of friends looking for something fun to do, everyone will find a reason to enjoy “Hustlers.” 





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