If you have access to television, newspapers, social media or even a cell phone, it is likely that you have heard the word, “Syria” tossed around lately.

Maybe, you are an avid newspaper reader or tune into a nightly news network. But, more than likely you are a busy college student who gets their news via social media or word of mouth.

The last statement was not meant to place shame on our generation. We have grown accustomed to receiving news on our cell phone because we live busy college lives. We tend to place our concerns on our grades and social lives. This is normal, yet many of us don’t realize what is going on in the world around us. The world outside of Florida Southern College.

In reality, you should be more aware of what is happening in the news. Lack of information or misinformation looks bad on not only you, but society as a whole.

While most people do not have a full understanding on what is taking place with Syria, it is important to be knowledgeable on the basics. You don’t have to become a military or political expert, but it is important to know how involvement with another country could possibly affect your future.

As a college students we may not think these matters are important. Or that adults with office jobs and politicians are the only ones who actually follow events such as the one in Syria. This is where we are wrong.We should be just as informed and ready to share our own opinions.

Senior ROTC member Taylor Petropulos, has kept up with the developments in Syria through the internet and in class ROTC class discussions. As a member of ROTC Petropulos feels he must be aware of the on goings in Syria but encourages others to research the topic.

“We as a nation should know why we are at war with another country,” Petropulos said.

Sophomore ROTC member, Alex Williams is also well aware of the circumstances developing in Syria. He thinks that the unstable climate in Syria could possibly impact him directly.

“The situation in Syria could possibly affect me in the future depending on what happens. If it turns into another Iraq situation where we are there for several years, then I will probably be deployed there throughout my military career, “ Williams said.

Although, a lot is unsure about what will happen between the United States involvement with Syria, one thing is for certain. We should all stay as up to date as possible with the on-goings in Syria. It will help us to be educated and informed of our surroundings.

You don’t have to refresh your browser to the New York Times page every ten minutes, but you need to be well enough informed to understand the basics of what is happening and how you could be affected. Read a newspaper, scroll through online articles or have an educated conversation. Don’t depend solely on your Twitter feed for matters involving your country and future.