In memory of Stan Lee


W James

The Fantastic Four, since their first issue in 1964, have been known as ‘Marvel’s First Family’. 

Created by Stan Lee and his team od artists, the first Marvel Comic blew up on the comic scene. Spiderman, Thor, The Avengers and X-men were not too far behind as Stan Lee cemented himself as one of the pillars of the comic industry. Each character a thread in a larger tapestry that extended beyond the panels. He defined the “nerd”, the outcast and the less-than-heroic as focal point characteristics for heroes Stan helped create.  

The X-Men are a call to action for readers to embrace that which makes them different. Spiderman is a love letter for those discovering who they are that their story doesn’t end with their struggles but is built on them. These themes touching each generation of new readers and fans. 

The tapestry Stan created reveals not just a universe but a family: A family that each day encourages us to live with great power and with responsibility and that encourages us to be exactly who we are. 

This week we lost the weaver but while those he reached mourn we can look back at seen the full picture he created.

Thank you, Stan, for being the one that led us to our family.



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