Students stuff Sophie plushies by the dozens. Photo by Emma Lauren Poole.

Dylan Olive
Opinions Editor

Florida Southern College held its second annual Frank Lloyd Wright Mental Health Day (FLW Day) on April 8, which included food, games and mental health programming throughout the day.

The Student Government Association (SGA) wanted to continue last year’s FLW Day tradition of having no class so students can enjoy the day off and have a mental break. However, SGA was informed by the school that this year’s FLW Day could not be a day off of classes.

Instead, SGA planned a fun day of events: sunrise yoga, intramural water balloon toss, stuff-a-plush Sophie, yard games at Roux Library and FLW Kickoff. There were supposed to be hot air balloons on Mr. George’s Green, but due to wind, it was rescheduled for another date. 

There were over a dozen food trucks, ranging from Mexican, Thai and dessert foods. There were giveaways from the FSC Marketing Team and multiple vendors spread across campus: HTeaO, Rita’s Ice’s and Rooted Lakeland.

In the evening, there was a softball game, a performance of “The Diary of Anne Frank” and a drive-in movie in the Branscomb Auditorium parking lot.

“Everyone seemed to have a great time, there was plenty to do, the timing for everything went smoothly from a student’s perspective, and the food offered was great,” freshman Kamryn Potteiger said.

Overall, the day was a huge success for SGA and the FSC community. So many people enjoyed all the activities throughout the day, and it was nice seeing everyone happy, smiling and stress-free.

There were students who wished that SGA could have canceled classes like last school year because students have been so burnt out lately. But, all the planned events were more fun than a day off anyway.

Despite not having an official day off, some professors still decided to cancel their sessions anyway. Many students disregarded their classes that weren’t canceled and attended the events on campus instead. 

“I liked how much they had going on, and I appreciated that they spread it out all over campus,” sophomore Kelsey Lugannani said. “What I didn’t like was the fact that because we didn’t have the whole day off, it felt like there wasn’t enough time to do everything.”

There was a large turnout for the events and free offerings, so materials did run out which left people disappointed. The Sophie stuff-a-plus station and the free coffee and refreshers Rooted Lakeland was offering both ran out very quickly. 

However, there was a limited supply of things for the event, and it shows how many people were actually out celebrating FLW Day. 

For future Frank Lloyd Wright Days, SGA should definitely continue hosting a day of events, whether the school will allow a day off of classes or not. 

It gives students the chance to get on campus and have fun with one another, and it’s a great stress-reliever if students participate.

“I think the events on campus [were] better than a day off because everyone had the option to stay in or participate on campus,” Potteiger said.

Southern Editor | The Southern Newspaper Students stuff Sophie, Florida Southern College’s mental health mascot. Photo by Salvatore Ambrosino.
Southern Editor | The Southern Newspaper Students walk a closed-off Ingraham Avenue on Frank Lloyd Wright Day. The street was lined with a variety of food trucks. Photo by Salvatore Ambrosino.
Southern Editor | The Southern Newspaper President Anne Kerr and 2021-2022 SGA President Allen Shorey watch on as students perform karaoke in the Bandshell theater. Photo by Salvatore Ambrosino
Southern Editor | The Southern Newspaper Rubber ducks became a staple of the mental health day last year, when the water dome was filled with them. Photo by Emma Lauren Poole.


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