Danielle Burch
Entertainment Editor

Nice guys finish last. That’s nothing new, but it seems that that statement has never been truer.
Just take a look at many movies and television shows that have a villainous antagonist and even protagonist characters.
One that come to mind very easily is Loki in the “Thor” movies.
Many of you may realize that he is supposed to be the bad guy. Yet at the end of every film he is in, we can’t help but to feel a bit bad for the poor fellow.
I mean, come on, he just got the snot beat out of him by a guy twice his size, and for what? Because he may have lied about whether or not Thor could come back to Asgard. I mean he can’t help that: he is the god of mischief.
I know I have rooted for him, as well as his villain counterparts in many films and shows, only to realize that I probably shouldn’t be. But how could you not want to root for the bad guy?
If they live to see one more episode or film, that means there will be that much more fun and excitement to come.
Another grand example is The Governor on “The Walking Dead.” As much as I would love to see him be defeated by Michonne, a part of me keeps hoping that he will be the indestructible man who never goes away.
Let’s be honest, being the “bad guy” is the best. Think about it.
If there was no one around to mess things up, then how on earth would half the stuff we watch be entertaining at all? Believe me or not, a small part of all of us thrives off of having a conflict that a villain introduces.
We need it. Yes, it’s wonderful to see the hero rise from the ashes with enough strength to overturn their nemesis, but it’s all of the buildup cause by said nemesis that really grabs us.
So I ask the question, is it better to be a villain in this hero world?
Who wouldn’t want to be The Joker, responsible for setting Batman’s grimly safe Gotham into a panicked frenzy, or even the evil father with the glorious death star Darth Vader?
Not going to lie: being a villain would be a way better than being a hero.
I’m not saying we should all go out and start making a mess of our campus or the city of Lakeland. What I am saying is that next time you are crossing your fingers and praying that hero comes out the winner, just remember that the hero wouldn’t be the hero if there was no villain.