How would you feel if one day while at school you heard a siren blaring that the U.S. was being bombed?

If we were being constantly bombed by another county, there is no doubt that we would be pretty angry.

So if we could imply that Israelis feel similarly about being attacked, then why are people giving them such a hard time about fighting back to protect their people?

Most people are aware that Hamas is a terrorist organization that does not recognize the legitimacy of Israel’s right to rule their land. They have a policy of not conversing with Israel because they believe Israel should not exist.

Let’s clear one thing up: Hamas is not Gaza or the Palestinian people. Most Palestinian people in Gaza would like to see Israel wiped off the face of the Earth. This is nothing new, but it has been made clearer during this current conflict, in which many Palestinians and their supporters have suggested that Israel and the Jews need to be expelled, thus creating the most anti-Semitism around the world since WWII.

Not only is the rise of anti-Semitism outrageous, but it is ignorant. Many Arabs and Palestinians live peacefully within Israel, but no Jews are extended the same courtesy in Gaza. Yet Israel is the land being called racist because they are trying to protect all their people, including Jews (75%), Christians (4%), Muslims (20%) and all others that choose to live in the democratic state (Jerusalem Post, 2014).

In this situation, Hamas is like the smart mouth bully who kept poking the much bigger kid named Israel until he cracked and slapped the little bully back into place.

Hamas has broken almost every ceasefire that has been declared. They try to make it look like a humanitarian issue in Gaza so that everyone will turn on Israel, when in fact most of the people who have died from Israeli fire have been men (55%) and not women and children like Hamas wants you to believe (Rudoren, 2014). Hamas uses their people to protect their weapons while Israel uses their weapons to protect their people.

Also, Israel has given warnings to the civilians in Gaza when an area is about to be bombed (Erlanger & Akram, 2014).

Israel it the only country to do this during a time of war. The people may not leave – which is what happens most of the time – but no one can say Israel did not warn them. But many of the Palestinians in Gaza who would like to leave have no place to go because no other Arab country in the Middle East will take them.

Many people also criticize the blockade that Israel has had on the border of Gaza since 2007 (Beauchamp, 2014). Like everything else the Israeli government does, the blockade was put there for the protection of the Israeli citizens. The blockade has decreased the number of suicide bombers that sneak into Israel almost completely since the blockade has been enforced (White, 2014).

Israel gets the bad reputation by having the blockade because people feel that the people of Gaza are not getting enough food and aide. Israel does allow food and aid into Gaza, but they should not be the only ones responsible to allowing aide in since Gaza does not share only a border with Israel. The region also shares a border with Egypt, whch allows no Palestinians to come into its state and has only allowed aid to the area during this recent conflict, unlike Israel which allows it on a regular basis.

Israel is not a monster. Hamas is a known terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel. The Israeli government is the only one trying to rid the world of the terrorists in Gaza who are trying to destroy them and their citizens. It is not alright to shoot rockets at a nation that did not provoke anything. The Israeli Defense Forces have the right to stop the terror by any means necessary.

This war has been ongoing for decades. It may never have a peaceful end until the Palestinian people learn to love their children and people more than they despise the state of Israel.


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