You never realize how much of your day revolves around meals until you are denied of eating any solid foods. A week ago, the only form of sustenance that I consumed for three days was juice.

You may be wondering why I did this to myself. Well, I have a few answers. I write for a local magazine, Polk Foodie, who wanted an article on Elixir, which is a juice bar located inside of Gold’s Gym South. Also, the idea of juicing has always fascinated me.

Before meeting up with the owners to discuss the juicing process I was hesitant on what the actual benefits would be. After talking to the owner Kathy Neel and the director of lifestyle medicine Whitney Cabrera, I was completely convinced to try it.

They explained to me that a “juice feast” as they call it, cleanses your body of toxins fast because it does not have to break down solid foods. Therefore the body can focus on healing and releasing anything that may be harmful.

“ Juice feasts help your body to support what it is meant to do,” Cabrera said.

Juice cleanses can also be an effective way to shed a few pounds without starving yourself and becoming a complete gym rat. Although, I wasn’t looking to lose weight, I am always up for anything that enhances my health and well-being.

By the end of our interview I was signed up for a three-day feast. You can sign up for a one, three, five, seven or ten day feast depending upon what your health goals are.

So, what is a juice feast? Well, it’s what it sounds like. You drink juice, just juice and a lot of it. In one day you are given a pack of six juices to drink throughout the day.

Day one I woke up ready to rumble. I set off to class with my Lemon Sunrise, which, contained lemon juice and cayenne pepper and resulted in a spicy lemonade concoction. It had a very unique taste and I felt totally hip drinking it.

About an hour after I started to feel hungry so I did as instructed in order to curb my hunger and drank another juice. The next one was questionable green color, but it tasted refreshingly of green apples and cucumbers.

I was feeling great three juices in, and then I decided to go to the mall. Huge mistake. Of course I had to pass by the food court in order to go to any store I wanted to go to. Everything, I mean everything looked good. I swore off eating fast food three years ago, but I still envied the girl chowing down on a greasy hamburger.

I suddenly felt dizzy and crazy for wanting food so much that even terrible food looked good. I decided on a cup of water with ice to stave off my hunger. Ice did miracles. Something about chewing it simulated actually eating.

Ice and determination got me through the rest of day one. I received plenty of sleep the night before, but I spent most of day two feeling very lethargic. Yet strangely my body felt stronger, I can’t explain how exactly.

I didn’t crave food for the sake of food. I found that if I felt a craving it was for fruit or for a salad. Neal told me this would possibly happen. I still wanted coffee to help me get through my homework, but I didn’t feel the dire urge to binge eat.

My final day was the home stretch. By the third day it has become routine. I drink my juices in a memorized order and anticipate the taste of each. It’s like I’ve found my second wind. I feel energized and refreshed. I honestly feel a little sad that this will be my final day.

The next day I broke the fast by eating fruit. An apple never tasted so good. Three days later I have lost two pounds and have a new appreciation for my body. I always try to eat healthy, but often forget just what the power of food can be. A simple change in my diet for a few days has left a lasting impression on me and my goal for total wellness.

I went into this thinking that a juice cleanse would be just another fad diet that people jump into. I came out on the other side as a believer that sometimes “fad diets” can be a positive endeavor if done right. I would recommend a juice feast to anyone who is looking to do their body a favor.