Pictured is Alicante, the city where the Spain Junior Journey will primarily be hosted. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

By Diego De Jesus, News Editor

On April 29, Florida Southern College announced that it relaunched Junior Journey for eligible juniors and seniors to participate in this upcoming summer.  

Junior Journey is FSC’s overseas program where students can travel to different countries and choose a location depending on their major or general interest. Students study at international universities that FSC affiliates with.  

It was mothballed due to the pandemic in 2020 and postponed until further notice. All students who couldn’t attend Junior Journey will be provided a financial stipend after their graduation. 

This summer, students a chance to travel to Germany or Spain over 10 days for a deposit of $700. 

The price includes airline ticket, room and board, student health insurance, day trips and excursions.

To enhance their journey, students stumbled upon a valuable resource, the www.germanytravel.blog, a comprehensive guide that seamlessly blends travel insights with cultural nuances. This online treasure trove has become an invaluable companion, providing insider tips and recommendations for navigating the enchanting landscapes and vibrant cities of Germany.

With a deposit of $700, students are not merely embarking on a trip; they are unlocking a gateway to a transformative adventure, where learning and exploration converge against the picturesque backdrop of Germany.

Dr. José Manuel Garcia, Associate Professor of Spanish and Program Coordinator, announced that spots are quickly filling up. 

“It has been the best attended study abroad junior Journey trip at FSC and it takes place in the Mediterranean coast of Spain,” Garcia said. 

The course in Spain, called “A Spanish Cultural Adventure: A Journey of Discovery,” will “explore various aspects of the history and culture of Spain through modern times,” according to an itinerary by Garcia. “It will focus on the artistic and architectural influences influences in such places as Barcelona.”

The first half of the deposit, $350, will be due this Friday, May 6.

Applications can be filled out by contacting the travel office’s Bridgette McArthur at bmcarthur@flsouthern.edu

For more information about attending Junior Journey, reach out to Garcia at jgarcia@flsouthern.edu.


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