Tommy Hull, Staff Writer

Florida Southern College is considering to add another five minutes to the time block between classes.

Due to the growing size of the layout on FSC’s campus, it is becoming an issue to accommodate students’ ability to get from class-to-class on time and interrupting professors while lecturing.

Kyle Fedler, FSC provost, is looking into different solutions for this issue.

“We are actively investigating, and developing a plan for discussion, so that there is 15 minutes between classes,” Fedler said.

The new policy could take effect as early as the fall 2016 semester. This would give students an additional five minutes, and perhaps alleviate some stress between making it across campus to classes.

In the President Circle meeting on Sept. 24, the Student Government Association discussed the plan to change shuttle procedures to and from campus. Luke Connolly asked about utilizing the buses to get across campus.

With the addition of the Becker Busines Building on the East end of campus, students find themselves rushing when they have back-to-back classes in a different building.

Madison Oliver, a business major, has a lot of her classes in the new Becker Business Building on the edge of campus. She thinks that the 10 minutes is not enough.

“We should absolutely have more than 10 minutes to make it to class,” Oliver said. “I know people sometimes want to grab something to eat before their next class, but don’t have enough time. I am always booking it to one of my classes because the one I am coming from is so far away.”

Merrick Legutki, who is a communications major, has most of his classes in the Chatlos journalism building on opposite end of campus. He said he would be on board with this new time period.

“The real challenge is getting from Chatlos to other buildings where there are classes,” Legutki said. “You can’t take your time in between.”

For the time being, Fedler encourags students when making class schedules, to be aware that there is only a 10 minute block, and perhaps avoid this matter.

“Students should consider maybe taking a different section of the class, that wouldn’t run back-to-back,” Fedler said.

The Provost is making an effort to encourage professors not to keep students passed their designated class time and is working to increase shuttle frequencies on campus. Fedler also encourages students to rent out bikes from the Wellness Center center, where you can rent out a bike with no time limit or pay a fee to keep a bike for the entire year.