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By Ryan Foley

This letter originally appeared on Foley’s instagram June 24, 2022.

The Supreme Court is defined as the sole interpreter of the law, with a promise of promoting equal justice and acts as the guardian of the Constitution. This seems to be a lost notion on the current justices that hold the seats in this Court. Divided 6-3, conservative and liberal leaning ideologies respectively, the most recent ruling on 19-1392 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization saw the Supreme Court rule exactly in that 6-3 ideological split in favor of Dobbs, striking down the 50 year constitutional right for women to choose to have an abortion or not, outlined in the infamous case 70-18 Roe v. Wade. 

Just one day earlier, on June 23, the Supreme Court struck down a New York gun law that would place restrictions on the ability to have a concealed firearm in public. The restriction was that the individual requesting this license would need to demonstrate a special need for this carry. The Court deemed this to be unconstitutional in, once again, a 6-3 ruling. 

These two cases outline what seems to be a fundamental flaw in the Supreme Court, political leanings and personal beliefs becoming involved in decisions that affect every single American citizen. If this pattern continues to hold, and it seems to be that way for the foreseeable future, this country will reflect strictly conservative ideals. The involvement of religion in this ruling, primarily the Christian faith, is abhorrent. The separation of the Church and the State is a principle that has existed since the birth of this nation, and it is being ignored entirely in our modern society. While the Majority opinion of 19-1392 Dobbs v. Jackson states that “the Constitution makes no direct reference” to abortions being a right to all, this is a frankly sorry excuse to try and hide themselves from their political and religious ties to this matter. Citing also that 26 states have asked the Court to overturn 70-18 Roe v. Wade. An interesting thing to point out, former President Donald Trump won the majority vote of 23 individual states, with surprise losses in 3 other states, Georgia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania in the 2020 election. That totals 26 different states. This point is grasping at straws here and is by no means factual evidence, but it shows a commonality of the divided and biased system we currently have in place. 

Returning to the point on the lack of a direct reference to abortions being a right in the Constitution, this is an absurd justification. Regardless of political leanings or thoughts on the case as a whole, The Supreme Court is supposed to be the interpreter of the Constitution when issues are not specified. The earliest instance of “abortion services” was mentioned in a newspaper called “The Sun” in 1842. That proves an issue such as this needs to be examined with a different lens since this did not exist during the writing of the Constitution. A quick glance at the Ninth Amendment would be all that a person needs to see that the practice itself is viable for constitutional protection. It reads “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” In simple terms, it states that the Federal Government does not own the rights that are not specified in the Constitution, those are reserved for the people. Based off of America’s Bill of Rights, abortions should be protected. It seems to stand that the Supreme Court acts as the guardian of conservative politics and the Bible, rather than the Constitution itself. 

This, in fact, is not the worst of it. The Supreme Court being biased and corrupt is a major detriment to the well-being of all Americans regardless of which side of the aisle you stand. The nation that champions freedom and protection, the one that advertises acceptance to all no matter who you are and what you believe, is at risk. The politicians and organizations, such as the National Rifle Association, have entrenched themselves so deeply into the policy that occurs throughout our nation that nothing is really decided for the true benefit of the whole nation. Each decision, each action is a constant struggle for power. A fight for who gets to rule the country with a crumbling foundation. 

There have already been talks of violent outbursts by those whose rights have been stripped away from them this morning, and that is not the right response either. Those actions will not be met with change, in recent times all it has done is delegitimize whatever cause that is being supported to those who are its biggest enemy. Protest peacefully, provide support to those who need it and make your voices heard without resorting to violence. Do not give them a reason to dismiss you. 

Today is not a day that should be celebrated. The stripping of freedom is a tragedy. I am saddened for all of the women who will now have to put themselves in danger to escape an impossible situation for themselves. I am saddened for all of the children who will be born into homes who have no means of supporting them, or be sent away to grow up without a family who loves them. I am saddened for this nation, who have become so entrenched in their own personal beliefs that they feel the need to take something away that is not theirs to take. It is not the choice of anyone but the person who is pregnant with the child themselves. I have obviously revealed my stance on the issue if it was not apparent through the rest of this writing. 

This ruling is just the first domino to fall in an ever changing and violent political landscape we all now live in. As long as political bias exists in our court systems, justice will never exist in its place. Ruling to take rights away from women due to a religious decision makes this country no better than the ones that conservatives have been fighting to change for years, scratch that, that we all have been fighting for years. Human rights are now being violated at home and abroad, and we are all helpless to stop it. 


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