Alyssa Baker
Staff Writer

Orlando-based metal band ‘Every Hand Revealed’ has had a tremendous start to their music career.
The band, only 5 months old, have just finished their recent “Coast to Coast Mini Tour” through Florida.
“The response [of the tour] from the fans was humbling and inspiring,” Blake Hill, guitar player, said.
“We made a lot of pretty cool friends…we didn’t end up broke or anything at the end of it.”
Blake first joined ‘Every Hand Revealed’ back at the beginning of this year after leaving another band.
“I didn’t really like the other band’s style”, Blake admits, “and they [Every Hand Revealed] had everything I wanted.”
Aside from the songs with the deep messages, the band has a pretty unique name.
When asked about where the name derived from, Blake said that it was the vocalists’ idea.
Every hand revealed is an old poker term which talks about knowing what you’re dealt with. It has a lot to do with conspiracies and secrets in the world.
Now that the band has just returned from their first mini tour, Blake says they would like to focus on writing and recording more material.
He also says that the band will be touring with a band from Nashville starting in mid-September, as well as touring with better-known acts in January.
There are many local bands on the up and up, but ‘Every Hand Revealed’ is one not to ignore. These five talented and hardworking musicians come together to make solid mental music.
The band has only released two songs but is planned to release another Sept. 13 entitled ‘Born Impious’.
If you want to hear a few of their song or even see when they are playing locally again head over to their Facebook page.