Faith Miller

The Polk Theatre, along with the CMX Cinema, previously known as the Cobb Theater, have both released new policies regarding COVID-19 and safety protocols. 

Both theaters have increased sanitization methods, floor markings to help guests in social distancing, mandatory mask policies, and limited capacities during showings. Along with this, the theaters have also announced that staff will be provided with personal protection equipment, like face shields for example. 

The Polk Theatre is located on South Florida Ave, in the heart of downtown Lakeland. The theater features movie showings, rental opportunities, live shows and its new virtual cinema. 

The company recently released a statement on its website regarding its new policies due to the pandemic, stating that it plans to “constantly monitor all official resources to have the most up-to-date information available in order to keep everyone safe.”

The theatre has limited its capacities to 40 percent during films and 50 percent for larger events, along with installing plexiglass separators for tickets and concession sales and sanitizing high contact areas and between screenings. The company has also placed bathroom attendants throughout the building who are in charge of sanitizing restrooms.

The policies state that masks are still mandatory, however a mask can be taken off while in one’s seat or when “enjoying some of [their] delicious concessions.” 

The theatre has also introduced its “Virtual Cinema,” allowing guests to view recently released films by choosing a movie from a given menu. The consumer is able to view trailers along with information regarding streaming site, rental price, and streaming period, since these vary depending on the film. Once selected, customers can view recently released films from their homes during these unprecedented times. 

CMX Cinemas, located within Lakeside Village, has also recently reopened its doors, while featuring new protocols. The new terms state that guests and staff will be asked upon entrance if they have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days. If the answer is yes, the attendant or staff member will not be allowed to enter the theater. 

The policy also states that if these questions are answered yes by a guest, their ticket will be refunded.  The theater will also be featuring a “nightly deep micro cleaning of all auditoriums, bathrooms, and high traffic areas,” along with sanitization of high contact areas. 

The new policies also state that there will no longer be self serve drinks or condiments available at concessions and will now be received upon request from staff members. The location will be using a limited menu to ensure the “safest possible food-handling environment.” 

The theater has also switched to a limited capacity by restricting auditoriums to 50 percent. CMX Cinemas encourages guests to purchase tickets online to help promote contactless payment and to help prevent cross contamination.



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