Valeria Sabate

Sports Editor

After days of practice the NCAA named Venezuelan Jesus Marin swimmer of the week.

Senior Marin did not expect this recognition from the NCAA.

“To be honest, being a swimmer of the week just shows a good sign that hard work is paying off,” Marin said.

Marin believes he was selected for this nomination because of the results during his meets.

“Based on my results against Wingate,” Marin said. “I was very consistent through the whole meet.”

Marin trusts that any one in his team can be named swimmer of the week.

“Our team is so talented that any of us could be named swimmer of the week,” Marin said.

For this season Marin has made some changes in his practices.

“I’ve been working a lot more on my details. Since last summer my coaches and I were really focused on technique, and it has helped me a lot,” Marin said.

According to Marin, he is faces some difficult challenges in swimming.

“Sometimes you don’t have a good swim, but still have more events to come that same day. It is really challenging to forget about your bad swim and move on,” Marin said.

Marin shares his technique to overcome hard times.

“I usually try to be as much relaxed as I can and really focus 10 min before my event,” Marin said.

Luis Florez has left the team, but Marin believes that the men’s team continues strong.

“He’s gone, but we added two more swimmers from Mexico. Right now our team is really healthy, something that we had to face last semester with a lot of people being injured or sick,” Martin said.
According to Marin the team is prepared for this season.

“We are ready to go. We have a great team right now. We have trained really hard since first day of practice last August. The guys are really motivated and exited for what will come at conference and nationals,” Marin said.

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As one of the captains he has some expectations of his teammates.

“I expect from them the same I expect from myself. Every one of us has to give a 100 percent every time we step up on the block,” Marin said.

Even though Marin has to invest time in swimming instead of other areas, he still does not see it as a job.

“I don’t see swimming as a job at all. I have to say that is a big part of my life. My teammates and coaches are my family. Swimming has never been more fun than it is right now,” Marin said.

Photos by Valeria Sabate