Lacrosse is at an all time high for Florida Southern, with the men and women’s teams combining to put up a 22-5 record, including multiple wins over ranked teams.

The women’s team checks in at a record of 12-2 and is ranked No. 6 in the nation, led by junior attack Megan Asper’s 42 goals and 11 assists.

Asper said she feels like a large part of the team’s success has to do with the leadership of the older players on the team.

“Us juniors, we’ve had three years to play together,” Asper said. “The past year has really helped for us juniors to really get to know what each of us does well.”

Asper, Caitlin Chase and Lorianne Hoover, the top three goal scorers on the team, have combined to score 51 percent of the team’s goals, totaling 108 goals, and 175 points. Asper said that the trio has really clicked this year.

“I feel like it has to do with us being the juniors on the team,” Asper said. “We’ve seen the program build from the ground up. A lot of it is us feeling the responsibility and knowing that we have to play well to win.”

The men’s team is checking in at No. 12 nationally, with a 9-3 record, have rebounded after a disappointing year, which has included a 12-10 win over then-number 10 ranked Lake Erie College.

Captain of the men’s team, DJ Lubs said that all of the players that returned have seen what it takes to win.

“We had a lot of guys last year that didn’t necessarily buy into the idea that we had,” Lubs said. “This year, those guys did step up, and realized that it’s the last go around for us seniors.”

The men’s team looks to move to nationals with a second place finish, and Lubs thinks that the team can do what it takes to move forward in the season if they continue to put the work in.

“It clicked when we put 9 goals up in the first quarter against Lake Erie,” Lubs said. “I think that was when it clicked that we could do well. Of course we have picked up some more wins along the way. We started to put up more goals, and we started to play better defensively.”

Lubs said that the senior class has seen everything, and that has only helped the team this year.

“We have been to back-to-back conference championships, lost both sadly,” Lubs said. “We’ve seen a lot of great players come into this program, and realized what it takes to get it done. We all realize that this is it. After we finish this year, it’s done. Who knows when we are going to pick up a stick again? So we want to go out on a high note.”


Photo Courtesy of Sports Information