Miley Cyrus seems to be gaining more and more publicity as the months goes by. Many of us grew up hooked on the hit Disney Channel show that made her famous, Hannah Montana.

If we weren’t begging our parents to stay up an extra hour on school nights to catch the newest episode, we were saving up our allowance to buy a Hannah Montana backpack, T-Shirt or the infamous blonde wig. We all knew Cyrus as the cute, daddy’s girl rock star. So, what happened? Her downhill spiral began when she quit filming Hannah Montana in 2010.

“When they’re putting me in sparkles and in pink this final season, I have to grit my teeth. I can’t breathe looking like that anymore,” she said during an interview with Access Hollywood in March of 2010.

Many of us can’t breathe looking at her now, mainly because we’re laughing too hard. Cutting her long, luscious brown hair was her first stunt in rebelling against Hannah. Nothing foreshadows a major change in life more than a dramatic haircut.

“You will never see me with long hair again,” Cyrus said to Hollywood blogger, Perez Hilton, in an interview earlier this year.

Her hair wasn’t the only thing Cyrus wanted to cut out of her life. In May, she broke off her engagement with Liam Hemsworth, her co-star in The Last Song. Even though Cyrus was only 19 and Hemsworth was only 22 when they agreed to marriage,

I believe age wasn’t the factor that caused Cyrus to break it off. She just isn’t housewife material. It was obvious she wanted to be able to go out and party, without being in a committed relationship.

This was proved in June, when Cyrus stepped on stage during rapper, Juicy J’s, performance. All of us have seen the video of her shaking her butt, better known as twerking, on stage to his hit single, “Bandz A Make Her Dance”.

What many of you don’t know is this wasn’t her first twerking debut.

In March, she posted a video of herself twerking to J.Dash’s song, “WOP”. As if we hadn’t already seen enough of her wretched booty-shaking, she tried topping those performances by giving R&B singer, Robin Thicke, a dance during the VMA’s.

“Madonna’s done it, Britney’s done it  … I didn’t even think about it when I did it because that’s just me. I wanted to make history,” Cyrus said during an interview with CNN on Sept. 4.

Apparently her raunchy popularity stunt did have some effect on history because soon after, the word “twerk” was officially added to the Oxford dictionary. Good job Cyrus, now parents will be enrolling their children in twerk classes instead of ballet.

“It’s offensive to the black culture and black women that have been twerking for years,” New Orleans hip-hop artist, Big Freedia, said in an interview with Fuse on Aug. 28, “she doesn’t even have any butt control.”

It’s more like she doesn’t have any life control anymore, if you ask me. But, if you still haven’t had your fill of twerk-a-holic Cyrus, check out her new single with Justin Bieber, “Twerk”, which was recently released – only if you dare.

On Sept. 9, Cyrus premiered the music video for her newest single, “Wrecking Ball”, off her upcoming album, “Bangerz”. Surprisingly, she wasn’t shaking her booty in this one.

About 75 seconds into it, we see a completely naked Cyrus straddling a swinging wrecking ball. Jason Lipshutz, a writer for Billboard Music’s website, wrote in an article on Sept. 9 that Cyrus included the hashtag #WrecktheRecord in her posting of the new video. Lipshutz said that this was in an effort to reach her goal of earning the most VEVO views in 24 hours.

So, was her nakedness just another crazy publicity stunt? Or is there actually a meaning behind it?

I believe Cyrus’s bear-all in “Wrecking Ball” is just another act to give her the crown of being the sex-kitten she craves to be. Sure, we can interpret the storyline of the songs and her tears as being representative of Liam. Her strip-down could be representative of her giving everything she had into her relationship with him, and proving that he left her with nothing when it ended.

Honestly I think it was just another effort to “make history” and live up to Madonna and Britney, who are both infamous for appearing naked in their various hit videos. Cyrus is young, wild, and free – and she wants everyone to know it. It’ll be interesting to see what other hits “Bangerz” has in store for us. The album drops Oct. 8,  so be on the lookout!