Senior Chris Murphy was selected to be part of a German National lacrosse team.

According to Murphy, the German coach contacted Marty Ward, head coach of the lacrosse team, over the summer to invit Murphy to be part of the German National team.

“There are only 16 Americans that tried out for it and only 4 were accepted. My coach played against his team, when he was coaching so I think they have kind of a connection so they worked out I guess,” Murphy said.

Murphy said in order to apply for the team you need at least to be second generation German.

“There are only four spots. It was really competitive there are kids from Duke, Division II and I programs,” Murphy said.

Murphy said that he comes from a “huge” lacrosse high school that is known all over the nation.

“I consider myself a good player. I love the game, I have a lot of passion. Even in practices I don’t want to go and waste the practice,” Murphy said.

Murphy enjoys practices as much as a game.

“This year is my last year so I can’t take anything for granted,” Murphy said.

Murphy said he is learning German.

“My mom tried to teach us when we were little. I knew little things, but now this is my second semester taking German. It is very hard,” Murphy said.

To Murphy the conjugations in the language are very “weird.” He is trying to go to Germany this summer.

Murphy is not scared to make the change in his life.

“Not at all. Moving to another country , maybe,” Murphy said.

Murphy said that he will only focus on sports.

“I am trying to delay the real life as long as possible. If I can go over there and get a job it won’t be a career job,” Murphy said.

Murphy said that he is not ready to get a serious full-time job.

“I am not ready for that yet. I just feel that I need at least another year to do things, see stuff and experience different things.”

Murphy said that what scares him the most is to find something to do for the rest of his life.

“I mean to go back to sports, I have played lacrosse my entire life and after this year I am basically done. I don’t have sports to fall back onto. I have to have a job that I have to keep up with,” Murphy said.

 Murphy said that in the German team will not pay him.

“A lot comes from our pocket,” Murphy said.

Murphy thinks he might want a coaching job while he plays to afford basic necessities.

“If I could coach at night and maybe work during the day and practice in between some time. With coaching I can definitely figure out some time slots, maybe private lacrosse lessons with a small group of kids something like that,” Murphy said.

Murphy is really close to his family.

“My mom is happy for me, but my dad wants me do it for a year or year and half to get experience to see stuff different instead of being stuck in New York or something like that,” Murphy said.


Photo courtesy of  Andy Meng