Photo courtesy of Andy Meng / Stageshot Photography
Jensen Blassage scored her 1,000 career point.

Kara Donnelly

As both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams wrapped up their home conference game against Palm Beach Atlantic, both teams came out victorious.

The Women were ahead the entire game never slipping to the Sailfish, maintaining a double-digit lead almost the entire second half. Senior Jensen Blassage also earned her 1,000 college career point. She is the 21st women’s player to make this achievement.

The men also kept an advantage the whole game, but came close towards the final minutes of the second half.

Although the game was won by merely two points, the Mocs pulled ahead and beat the Sailfish.

Photo courtesy of Andy Meng / Stageshot Photography
Jonathon Lawton goes for a layup.

Having that weekend be the first home conference games both the Men’s and Women’s team played, the fans had a great time observing all the action.

“At the end of the second half of the men’s game, the whole crowd was extremely into it and I was on the edge of my seat,” Sophomore dance team member Hannah Gomez said.

These were also the first basketball games the dance team performed at.

After all of the team’s hard work since August, they pulled together a great performance that the crowd truly enjoyed.

“The best part about dancing at the games was hearing the music and feeling the energy of the crowd,” Gomez said. “Nothing is better than loud cheering that gives you goosebumps while dancing.”

The dance team does not just learn these dances overnight, they spend hours every week rehearsing to be the best they can for the spectators.

“We usually work on a dance two to three weeks before we put it out and spend two days out of the week for a few hours rehearsing,” Gomez said.

However, the dancers were not the only half time amusement. The Men’s Golf team stood proudly in front of the crowd and received their 2016-2017 National Championship rings.

“As a member of the Florida Southern athletic community it is so nice to see continued achievements and success through all of our programs,” Jill Donnelly, Head Coach Mike Donnelly’s wife said. “It makes us proud to represent Florida Southern through these achievements.”

As all of this excitement was going on, the Pep Band continued to play popular songs while engaging the crowd.

“I love the Pep Band, they bring so much excitement and energy to the games,” Junior Tommy Riesbeck said. “It is amazing how they manage to play during the action of the play.”

The Mocs had another tournament on Thanksgiving weekend and will be having many more home games this season to catch the action.


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