More than a teacher at Robert’s Academy, Janet Snapp was affected by Florida Southern College through being a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, cheerleader and by finding love. Snapp not only works for Florida Southern College, but she is an alumna.

FSC has changed and stayed the same in a lot of ways since 1972.

Cheerleading was different during the ’70s at FSC. During that time soccer was the most popular sport, which was the sporting event that the cheerleaders cheered for.

“It is much more beautiful because of all of the fine tuning on all the landscape looks fresh. It shows off the buildings better, I think. The friendliness of the campus has not changed. Everyone that has worked there before, a lot of them are still working here,” Snapp said.

That friendly environment was why Snapp decided to attend FSC.

“I think looking at the campus it was just amazing. So I think that was a draw. When I visited a friend of mine here when I was a junior in high school I was really drawn by how friendly everybody was. And then when I got here I wasn’t disappointed by any of that. I felt like at anytime I could go talk to anybody,” Snapp said.

Food on campus was very different 40 years ago. Tutu’s at the time was non-existent. In addition, what they served in Wynee’s Bistro and Terrace Cafe had a very different menu.

“We loved it. We thought it was great and we didn’t have the choices that you all do now. But you knew if you got up on Thursday morning it was going to be chip beef on toast. That was a real popular one. You always knew it was going to be pancakes on Saturday morning,” Snapp said.

The education in becoming a teacher is much more different in our education classes today than it use to be.

“When I was learning education with education classes we actually had to learn how to cut out letters and make them so that you could use them on your bulletin board. And now you just go to the store and buy them. So if you think about it we did not have computers and really overheads until later,” Snapp said.

According to Snapp, you could go the ‘The Sub,’ which is our Terrace Cafe, and get a salad for 37 cents.

One of the activities Snapp really enjoyed was the intramurals at FSC.

“Even in the ’70s the intramurals were amazing. There was great competition between sororities and the fraternities and independents. You could always go watch sporting  events or be involved in sporting events. We liked to watch crew on the lake which is where they would have cru races. That was fun,” Snapp said.

Even though FSC has made a few changes, it still has the same atmosphere.