Being engaged to the wrong individual only begins to describe the musical “The Wedding Singer.”

Beginning on Feb. 13 at 7:30 P.M.  the Florida Southern College Theatre Department will present the musical at Loca Lee Buckner Theatre.

“The Wedding Singer is very much based on the Adam Sandler movie. It is very much the same plot…. On a bigger picture it is about finding love,” Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre Christianne Roll said.

According to, “The Wedding Singer” is based on the 1998 film of the same title, which starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

In the film Robbie Hart is the lead singer in a band  which performs at weddings. He is about to marry his girlfriend Linda. Julia is a waitress at the banquet hall where Robbie performs. She is waiting for her  boyfriend, Glen, to pop the question.

The next week Linda leaves Robbie at the altar and Glen finally asks Julia to marry him. Glen leaves the wedding planning to Julia who then asks Robbie for help. It soon becomes apparent that Julia is with the wrong guy and she falls for Robbie and vice versa.

According to Jonathan Timpanelli, actor in the musical, the audience should look forward to laughter and a flashback to the 80’s.

The audience has a lot to look forward to such as costumes, humor and music according to Roll.

“The one that is actually from the movie is ‘Somebody Kill Me,’ The song that Adam Sandler sings with his guitar on the bed about how upset he was that his fiancée didn’t come to his wedding,” Roll said.

Some of the instruments involved in producing the music are the electric guitar, bass, drums and electric keyboards.

Students have been preparing for this musical since November.

This is the largest cast this year. There are 21 members in the cast. This does not include the band or back stage crew.

Jacob Rossado is playing the lead as Robbie Hart, who is Adam Sandler’s role in the movie. Timpanelli is playing Robbie Hart’s best friend Sammy.

“I’m Sammy, the bass player in the band Simply Wed. I’m the wedding singer’s best friend. [Sammy] is very “80’s” and goofy,” Timpanelli said.

In one word Roll would describe the show as “energetic.”

It is the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

The musical will be performed this weekend and next weekend. The event is free for students and faculty. It is $18 for adults otherwise.