Abby McHenry

I could partially be writing this article because I am salty that funny, entertaining films
such as Mean Girls and White Chicks were taken off of Netflix while this trash remains. Although there are many other great comedies that are still on Netflix, this movie is definitely not one of them. ‘Zombeavers’ (as if the title does not already make you want to steer clear) is a very poor excuse of a comedy.

The movie begins with three women, college students driving to go stay in a cabin in basically the middle of nowhere except for a few other people living around the lake. What was supposed to be a “girls trip” turned into two of the girls inviting their boyfriends and the other girl’s boyfriend to stay with them.

These are clearly some pretty bad friends who had no respect for the other girl’s feelings. The girl who did not invite the guys had caught her boyfriend cheating, yet these girls just let him stay with them. If that is not bad enough (spoiler ahead) the girl that was cheated on found out it was actually one of her friends that did it. So clearly, there are no good role models in this film. The friend group has a lot of issues that need to be resolved, but never end up getting resolved. But anyways, let’s talk about the title of the film.

The zombeavers are straight up just cheesy puppets. I could have made them myself. When the beavers bite people it is very bloody and gory. I really do not like blood and gore to begin with, nut this was over the top.

At one point one of the girl’s boyfriend was crushed by a tree and the group just moved past it way too quickly. One girl brought a dog on the trip and a beaver ate it (totally breaking an unofficial movie law! You do not kill pets!) These kids are just so absent minded and ignorant it was hard getting past the first half hour of the movie. The acting may be poor, but the morals these kids have is far worse.

If this does not all sound bad enough, towards the end of the movie the kids turn into zombies with beaver teeth. The makeup is of course cheesy, similar to the rest of the film. As more of the group starts to transform into these zombeavers, one of the girls thinks it is a great time to kiss her boyfriend instead of try to escape the cabin.

As the movie comes to a close, only one of the girls did not turn into a zombeaver. The film ends with her getting ran over by a car. The end credits are awful as well. The music is sung by what sounds like a Frank Sinatra voice. The song is of course, about Zombeavers.

In conclusion, you literally get nothing out of the movie. There are no relatable characters, no good morals, the attempted humor is in no way funny, and the beavers are about as fake as the people.


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