Photo by Bethany Schram


Students, faculty, staff and scholars came out to Mr. George’s Green for a night of inflatable fun hosted by Association of Campus Entertainment on Feb. 15.

There was inflatable jousting, Twister and enlarged games of Jenga and Connect Four.

Usually jousting involves a combat between two mounted knights with lances or long metal rods. However, this was inflatable jousting, which looks more like a moon bounce with large cushions inside that the participants stand on to hit each other with oversized foam-padded jousting poles.

Other activities included Paintball and Just Dance on the XBox Kinect.

Janay Bazemore, hall director for Greek Village, and Sean O’Brien entertained the crowd by playing Just Dance with students.

Paintball was set up with inflatables for participants to hide behind while playing.

With over 150 students, Neverland was a successful event.

ACE President Tiffany Lynch enjoys seeing students attend and engage in the activities.

“My favorite part is just seeing the students come out and enjoy the events, from the inflatables to Just Dance. It is great to see the turn out,” Lynch said.


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