Rebecca Padgett
Opinions Editor

Last week while standing in line at Tutu’s, behind a group of gossiping girls, I did what anyone else would…eavesdrop.

The three of them were hovered around an iPhone, giggling, of course. None of this was unusual until one of them mentioned the name of one of my close guy friends.

Apparently, they were observing a new app that allows girls to rate guys. This grabbed my attention.

Well, until I got to the counter and ordered my skim chai tea latte minus the whip.

A few days later one of my guy friends sat looking distraught at his phone. When I asked him why, he replied, “ This new app called Lulu. I was given a 7.8 rating. Can you believe that?”

That’s when I remembered this must be the mysterious app those girls were raving about.

Lulu? Sounded more like a name of someone’s pet poodle than an app.

So, I asked my friend to let me see what this Lulu character was all about. As I scrolled through his phone I pretended not be interested and told him it was a stupid scam. I immediately left and downloaded it.

Essentially Lulu is an app that allows girls, and girls only, as stated by their privacy policy, to rate guys.

You create an account that syncs to your Facebook account so that you are able to rate all of your male friends. You can also view who has already been rated.

As a rater you are anonymous, but must choose whether you are an ex, a crash, a current partner, a hook-up, a friend, or relative.

While this site is supposedly “anonymous” some users aren’t very conspicuous in their descriptions. Not saying any names “Girlfriend of three years and two weeks.”

This app gets even better with its inclusion of hashtags. Because who doesn’t love hashtags?!

These hashtags fall into two categories: Best and Worst. Ranging anywhere from #AlwaysPays and #NiceSmile to #GoneInTheMorning to #ManChild. I’m not kidding about these.

Before you go and judge me and assume I spend hours rating guys via my iPhone, let me explain myself.

Two things intrigued me about this app.

First, who in their right mind has the time to do this? Between five classes, two jobs, and extracurriculars, I barely have time to eat and I know there are people busier than me.

I would love to meet the girls who take time out their day to assign hashtags to guys, and ask them what their plans for the future are. Probably something along the lines of a trophy wife.

Second, who are we to assign these ratings to guys? Even more disturbing who are we to believe them?

Okay, maybe he didn’t sweep you off your feet on that first date. Maybe you looked so pretty that night that it made him nervous.

Oh, he didn’t pay? Did it ever occur to you we are poor college students? At least he had the guts to ask you on a date.

So yeah, he is a bad kisser. Don’t put it on social media. Would you like someone to do that to you?

This app was said to be created so girls could warn others about a certain guy or recommend a guy. What happened to getting to know someone? Since, when do you and your friends have the same “type”? How can you trust a strangers opinion of a guy?

I don’t need an app to tell me whether or not I’m going to like a guy or whether they are the biggest jerk at school…we all know him already.


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