By Christina Meiser

Downtown Lakeland is home to a fine array of stores, including Harry’s Bar & Grille, Palace Pizza and now a new must-go-to place: The Embroidery Mill and Boutique.

Located at 225 N. Kentucky Drive, the Embroidery Mill opened its doors to the public nearly five months ago in the beginning of May. The store is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

The Embroidery Mill was started by Doug and Alicia Lovett. An expansion of the Shirt Shack that will focus on embroidery over screen printing, the store features a wide variety of product, which range from soap to rustic clocks to custom embroidered clothes and bags.

“My husband owns Lakeland Shirt Shack in North Lakeland,” Lovett explains. “We were looking for a warehouse type area to move The Shirt Shack to because he was running out of space.”

As Doug and Alicia Lovett expanded their business from the Shirt Shack to create The Embroidery Mill, focusing on embroidery and diversifying their product range, they found themselves in need of a suitable warehouse space in North Lakeland.

Understanding the importance of the right location, they recognized the significance of having a spacious and well-equipped warehouse to accommodate their growing business needs.

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Lovett explained that upon falling in love with the new store space in downtown Lakeland, she figured “just embroidery may be a bit too boring…. I thought monogramming in a boutique atmosphere would fit in downtown so much better.”

First Friday events each month often draw large crowds, which has been great for business according to store owner Alicia Lovett. The downtown Lakeland scene offers a different theme each month and businesses keep their doors open late, usually until around 9 p.m. This is a great opportunity for stores, both old and new, to attract new customers and build relationships with the surrounding community.

The downtown area had a special Girl’s Night Out event last Friday, Sept. 24, in which the Embroidery Mill offered a 50 percent off sale as well as gourmet wine and cheese for ladies to snack on while they shopped.

“Girls Night Out was a hit,” Lovett exclaims. “The Boutique was wicked packed, sometimes shoulder to shoulder!”

The layout of the Embroidery Mill is one a customer can easily navigate to find all the treasures the store has to offer. “The spa section,” as Lovett calls it, has an eye-grabbing display of bath bombs that look and smell like cupcakes, as well as candles that come in holders made from recycled wine glasses. There is also a selection of exquisitely hand-crafted vegan soaps that are impossible not to notice.

With so many little nick-knacks and hand crafted items, the Embroidery Mill is the perfect place to find unique, personalized gifts that are not offered in a typical department store.


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