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Raven Leverett
Assistant Features Editor

This year, there are nine co-ed intramural sports for students to participate in.

Florida Southern College ranked number 10 in the “Everybody Plays Intramural Sports.” Last year, 53 percent of students participated in intramurals. The exciting news this year about intramurals is that all league sports have a co-ed option.

Not only did the Wellness Center make changes to their intramural structure, they got new equipment for the gym.

Students may wonder why did the Wellness Center make more sports co-ed.

“Most were already co-ed, I feel they made the others co-ed since they are so popular. Also, it allows for more teams,” Wellness Center student worker Lauren Kenney said.

According to the Director of Intramural Sports Alicia Rossow, league sports are sports with more than one game. FSC has nine league sports.

The nine sports include indoor volleyball, flag football, softball, bowling tourney, 3V3 short court basketball, soccer, basketball, floor hockey, and ultimate frisbee. The two new co-ed sports this year are flag football and sand volleyball.

According to student workers in the wellness center, most people are really excited about co-ed flag football.

Flag football begins Sept. 15.

According to Rossow, intramurals are flexible for the most part. She tries to arrange intramural games around organizations’ schedules by making some games later starting at 10 p.m.

Only sometimes does she have to put games during chapter time for greek organizations on Mondays.

According to DJAMGA Sport, there are advantages to co-ed sports, such as players behaving more responsibly when they play with or against  the opposite sex.

Most co-ed leagues are recreational and this obliges most players to be far less aggressive than if they were playing with players of the same sex.

Since they are playing less aggressively, there are generally less injuries in co-ed games compared to same sex games.

Also according to DJAMGA Sport, co-ed games bring out the best side of players.

There are fewer complaints, almost no trash talk and very few fights compared to men or women only games.

Although the Wellness Center is offering some new co-ed sports, they removed wiffle ball from the intramural list because there were not many participants for that sport.

“We have a lot of exciting new group exercise classes and new equipment throughout the facility,” Kenney said.

According to the Florida Southern website, the group exercises include indoor cycling, SWEAT, Yoga, TurboKick, 20/20/20, Zumba, Xpress Cycling, Dance it off, Yogalates, and Boot Camp plus Ab Attack.

Sweat is a “boot-camp” style group exercise class that is designed to improve functional movements, strength and cardiovascular components through the use of full-body exercises.

Yogalates is a blend of classical yoga poses and pilates.

Pilates incorporates movements to activate, isolate and stabilize deep core muscles.

Yogalates is designed to improve flexibility, posture, balance and overall body strength.

The Wellness Center is offering many new and exciting opportunities for FSC students to get involved in.

On Dec. 6, the Wellness Center will be hosting Rec Fest. Students will have a chance to win giveaways and eat free food.

Events such as the Rec Fest. allow students to get involved with the programs and activities that the Wellness Center has to offer in order to stay healthy.