New community living director hopes to connect students

Caroline Bryant | The Southern Newspaper Photo courtesy of Nora Quinn | Quinn’s headshot.

Caroline Bryant and Angela Revels
Features Editor and Staff Writer

As a new Community Living director at Florida Southern, Nora Quinn aims to create an environment where every student feels not just at home but truly part of a larger family. Overseeing the Residential Advisors (RAs) of freshman dormitories Allan Spivey Hall and Joseph Reynolds Hall, Quinn helps the RAs face unique challenges and opportunities that these newer college students conquest.

Her  touch of homegrown pride brings an advantage to this role. . Born and raised in the heart of Lakeland,, she tries to embody the spirit and warmth of our community. 

However, she’s not new to the community living scene. During her college years at Florida State University, Quinn started as a night staff member of FSU community living, with a shift from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.  Here, she discovered her passion for fostering a tight-knit and supportive living environment within the college campus. She has found that same affection for FSC. 

“I love the college culture; that’s why I’m enjoying being in higher education,” Quinn said. 

She further expressed her admiration for the campus environment, where students are enthusiastic about their learning journey. 

“I love walking around campus, and people want to be there to learn,” Quinn said.

FSC’s  close-knit and interconnected community is endearing to her. Quinn also notes the remarkable interconnectedness within the college, emphasizing how people truly know each other on campus. 

“I love to experience meeting people in the Simmons Center and hearing them talk about people that work in the Becker Building,” Quinn said. 

But that doesn’t mean some days don’t have their challenges. During these times, she’s eager to share her valuable insights and advise students. Her advice revolves around the simple, yet profound act of being present. ,

“Each day is just a day, and not your entire college experience,” Quinn said.

Additionally, she stresses the importance of staying conscious of the journey, whether it’s marked by highs or lows, and underscores the invaluable life lessons that can be learned from every moment. 

Involved in the freshmen community, Quinn is also a  passionate advocate for a more dynamic campus experience; an experience that highlights the fundamental role freshmen hold in the  college community. 

“I would want to see better initiation of connections by freshmen…,” Quin  said.“It would be amazing to have more freshmen be involved in clubs.” 

She does this by encouraging  greater involvement from first-year students within clubs and organizations. This includes empowering them to express their unique perspectives and ideas. 

In the end, Quinn’s desire is to create an inclusive, student-driven environment that evolves with the diverse needs and aspirations of our campus community.


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