Danika Thiele, Centerspread Editor

Florida Southern College, widely known for its Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, is anticipating several new buildings to be completed within the next few years.

Currently in the stages of planning are a new admissions center, education department building, apartment complex, a Center for Free Enterprise building, and the purchase of Henley Field. The acquisition of Henley Field, Moc baseball’s home field for decades, is currently underway.

While the Admissions and Education buildings are anticipated to be completed during the 2016 and 2017 academic year, the apartment complex is being planned to be completed fall of 2016.

The Center for Free Enterprise is currently under conceptual planning and without a set date for construction. The construction costs for all academic buildings and stadium were funded entirely by donors’ gifts.

Outdated and outgrown, the current admissions building has been in need of a face lift. In order to better serve potential new students and families visiting Florida Southern College. The completion of a new admissions building will suit the needs of curious parents and accommodate everything admissions related.

The new education department building will house graduate programs for education and have a substantial 250 seat lecture auditorium within its walls. Funding for this project came directly from a generous alumni of the college who had specifically requested the gift go directly towards the education department.

In regards to business, the Center for Free Enterprise has been in planning since the inception of Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise. Its construction will complete building plans for the entire business field. The admissions, education, and free enterprise buildings will be located at the southeast corner of campus, in the vicinity of the new Becker Business Building.

“It is extremely exciting to be involved in the planning of additions to our campus,” said Terry Dennis, vice president for finance and administration at Florida Southern College, “Every new project visibly helps to enhance the learning experience for our students and the local community.”

The college’s master planning is a constantly changing and ongoing process that continues to evolve each year to best address students’ needs.

Conceptual thoughts are often extended for a period as funding is being sought out, while funding may become available to jump-start a new program immediately.

Addition of these new buildings will continue to provide students with much needed housing space.

Similar to the advent of recent buildings like Christoverson Humanities, Blanton Nursing, and the Warden Dance Studio, the initiation of these new buildings will enhance student life and academics at Florida Southern College.