By Derrick Jean- Baptiste

Created in 2010, Roberts Academy is the state of Florida’s only transitional school for children with dyslexia. For the first time since it’s opening, Roberts Academy is expanding and adding two middle school grades.

The expansion itself will add four new classrooms to the first floor as well as adding an entirely new second floor to an already established base. The construction for the new additions to Roberts Academy is scheduled to be completed by mid-Jan.

Once the new classroom’s are complete, they will allow Roberts Academy, which currently holds 120 students ranging from grades second to sixth, to add a seventh grade in fall 2017, and an eighth grade in fall 2018. These additions to the Academy is estimated to force the number of students up to 200.

According to Dr. Tracey Tedder, head of school at The Roberts Academy and dean of the School of Education at FSC, the need for a middle school program was wanted for the students at Roberts Academy. Dr. Tedder belives that with the Orton Gillingham approach, the students at Robert Academy can find success.

Students learn to apply this approach in whatever subject they study and find success,” Dr. Tracy said.


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