The first of three possible sororities presented for colonization on Florida Southern’s campus this week.

Delta Zeta gave their presentation April 4 in the Thrift Alumni room. Both Delta Delta Delta and Delta Phi Epsilon will be presenting next week on April 11 and 12 at 5 p.m., also in Thrift.

Each sorority will meet with leaders of FSC’s Greek Life before any decisions are made. Ultimately, the Panhellenic extension committee will be deciding on which sorority will be on campus next fall.

According to Panhellenic Council President, Puli Agudelo, bringing a seventh sorority to campus has been an ongoing process since 2015.

“We tried to do extension last year and it didn’t pass, so I guess the community just wasn’t at a good point. Maybe this year they felt it was a more appropriate time,” Agudelo said. “Plus, chapters are getting into the hundreds. We’re going to try to keep chapters at 100 max or 120. We’ll see depending on recruitment and how many people go through it.”

The need for an additional sorority comes from growing numbers of women going through fall sorority recruitment each year. FSC’s sorority recruitment Facebook page said that last year they broke their previous enrollment record number of 300.

Agudelo said that the turnout for  Delta Zeta’s presentation was great, and that she was surprised by the number of fraternity men in the audience.

“I’m excited to see the other two and talk with the extension committee and kind of compare and see what fits best in the community,” Agudelo said.

Joey Arteaga, president of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity is excited for the new sorority.

“I was at the campus presentation and as a fraternity leader, I believe the addition of a new sorority is going to make a huge impact on the culture of this campus next semester,” Arteaga said. “I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect next fall when a new organization comes to our campus; however, they are going to impact not only sororities, but fraternities as well. The Greek community is excited to welcome a new sorority, we are going to be the ones to teach them the unique traditions of Florida Southern. We will be of their assistance as they colonize on this campus.”

After the extension committee invites a sorority, they will be able to recruit during the fall. They will present to potential new members during recruitment week and then step out of the process. Bids will not be given out to any women until about a month after traditional sorority Bid Day. They will have their own Bid Day event.

Info sessions will be held for women to gain further information.

The last time extension took place was in 2009 when Gamma Phi Beta joined FSC’s campus.