Photo by Vanessa Alvarez - Michael Bennett is one of several students who voiced concerns about the new swipe program during the President’s Circle due to the economics saying it “is lacking quality.”

Vanessa Alvarez

At President’s Circle on Sept. 19, Director of Food Services, Tim Raible unveiled an addition to the already reconstructed meal plan known as “Mocs Plus Unlimited Plan.” 

Resembling the former “all you can eat” swipe system, Mocs Plus allows students to upgrade to unlimited servings only applicable at Wynee’s Bistro. 

A form located on Florida Southern’s website unveils the details regarding the new plan. Mocs Plus is available for each existing meal plan with an added charge to what students currently pay. 

Anton Lindbom of the men’s soccer team is one of many athletes who spoke up about the meal plan changes. 

“I think it is good that the school is offering an ‘all you can eat’ alternative,” Lindbom said. “However, I think the alternative is a little too pricey, and I don’t think a lot of athletes will decide to opt in on it. I don’t really see the increase in quality of Wynee’s that one would expect when faced by change/price increases.”

The plan includes an added $1.50 charge which is multiplied by the number of swipes for the existing meal plan and weeks in the semester. These amounts are combined thus creating the new plan price. Students who choose to participate in the Mocs Plus option pay an extra charge between $420 to $105 depending on the current meal plan. 

“My biggest concern is that students who are on meal plan E because of financial reasons are being dealt the burden of the new meal plan,” student Michale Bennett said. “There should be no financial incentive for spending more money on college dining when some students don’t need 20 meals per week.”

Mocs Plus was a quick response to backlash from the student body’s complaints regarding the new meal plan. 

“I thought I had a solid case and that in doing so we could work together with the administration to achieve a solution that works for all athletes, ” Lindbom said when explaining his decision to speak to Dining Services.  

While Dining Services shared that the new meal plan would mean larger portions, many students continued to be dissatisfied with inadequate servings of food. 

“My biggest concern with the meal plan is that as your meal decreases in size, the amount of money you spend is proportionally greater,” Bennett said.

During President’s Circle, Raible revealed that some students were not going to Wynee’s at all and they utilized off-campus dining options as alternatives. 

“As an athlete, my greatest concern was that I was not going to be able to satisfy my nutritional needs as I no longer have the freedom to eat what I want in the amounts I want to – especially when it comes to sources of protein,” Lindbom said. 

Lindbom mentioned the meal plan affected what he ate as he focused more on carbs rather than proteins, which is a result of the restrictions of one entree and four sides. 

FSC continues to stay open to feedback regarding both the reconstructed meal plan as well as the new swipe upgrade. The unlimited plan remains only available for Wynee’s Bistro and varies depending on the existing meal plan. For more information on Mocs Plus Unlimited Plan and how to sign up, visit FSC’s website at 


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