Non-voters seek a clear conscience


By Mike Bertram

I am not voting in this election. It’s not because I’m not patriotic or don’t believe in voting, because I do. It is how we as citizens of this nation make change and elect new officials.

I am not voting out of my own conscience decision.  I am not voting in this election because, quite frankly, I couldn’t live with myself supporting either.

For most college students, including myself, this upcoming election is the first time we will have a chance to vote.

Of all the elections in recent memory, this is by far the most heated. The debate is not even between the candidates, but between the supporters.

It seems like all you have to do is log onto Facebook to see a few dozen articles on why one candidate is the objective best choice. However, both sides seem to just glaze over what the candidate they support has done.

On one side, we have Donald Trump, a man who has made legitimately racist comments against Hispanics and other races that have made headlines and who has had a history of racist actions.

According to the Huffington Post, in 1973 he refused to rent apartments to black people, and the U.S. Justice Department had to step in.

He didn’t condemn the KKK and what they stand for because they supported him. This is not even mentioning his ridiculous claims. He thinks Barrack Obama created ISIS.

NowThis discovered a 2012 tweet in which he said global warming was a myth created by the Chinese government despite the many scientific facts supporting it.

Most everything coming out of this man’s mouth is absurd ramblings.

On the other side, we have Hillary Clinton. Her decision to not provide more security to a U.S. Embassy in Libya before the 2012 Benghazi attack has landed her in hot water with many Americans.

According to CNN, she then allegedly deleted a substantial amount of e-mails about Benghazi before they were investigated. The FBI more or less swept the issue under the rug, according to CBS News.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, 66 percent of people did not find her trustworthy.

There is also a growing number of people interested in voting third party in order to keep a clean conscience.

Quite frankly though, history has suggested that is throwing your vote away. The last time an Independent candidate won an election was Abraham Lincoln in 1860 as a member of the National Union Party.

The only way a third party winner could occur is if more than half of voters were to differ from the parties they typically vote for. The odds of that happening are nearly impossible, making that vote wasted.

With candidates like these, I couldn’t live with myself supporting either.

Our choices for the first major presidential election are a bigoted man who simply doesn’t seem to understand how the world works and a woman who may be responsible for the loss of American lives and has a keen sense of the delete key.

Based on these candidates, no matter who you vote for, it seems like their term will go terribly wrong.

By not voting, I will be able to sleep well at night knowing that I wasn’t responsible for either of them winning.


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